Seven Shipping Containers Make Up This Colourful Library

These seven colourful shipping containers travelled the world before settling down in Batu, Indonesia, as the Amin Library. Home to 6000 books, it's a story in and of itself.

Imagine you're a child. You'd be begging your mother to visit this magical place. Built upon stilts to overlook surrounding trees and houses, the eye-popping building serves two purposes — it's both a library and a clinic for the town. And each brightly hued container has a different program. For example, the blue one has entertainment books, the red is for science and technology texts, the green is the main lobby, and the yellow is the women's reading room.

The shipping containers were also a pretty economical choice as far as building materials go — they cost around $820 each. And have you ever seen a library that looks like this? Reading is all about unlocking the imagination, so we'd say this design is perfect for a place that's home to thousands upon thousands of stories.

[DesignBoom via BookPatrol]

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