Samsung Galaxy S4: Full Australian Pricing [Updated]

Samsung has finally taken the covers off the local launch details for the Galaxy S4 flagship. We've already taken a look at how it stacks up in our first hands-on, but how much is it, and where can you get it? We've got the low-down.

Update: Kogan has now priced the Galaxy S4. Scroll to the bottom to see the new outright prices.

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Telstra will carry the Galaxy S4 on its 4G network both on plan and outright.

Telstra will offer the Galaxy S4 on its $80 Freedom Connect plan, with a $7 mobile repayment per month on a 24 month contract.

That $80 Freedom Connect plan gets you $800 worth of standard national calls and MMS, as well as unlimited text messaging to standard Australian numbers and 1.5GB of data.

The device will be in store from Saturday, 27 April.


Vodafone will also be offering the Galaxy S4 as the flagship device on its upcoming 4G network.

The telco will offer the S4 for an extra $5 per month on its $60 Plan on a 24-month contract.

That gets you infinite standard calls to Vodafone and 3 phones, infinite standard and international text messaging, as well as $700 included value for standard and international calls as well as 1.5GB of included data.

Vodafone is also offering bonus data with its Galaxy S4 plans. Sign up and you get an extra 1GB of data every month for 12 months of your 24 month contract on a $60 plan or above.

Vodafone will be opening pre-orders for the Galaxy S4 at 9am (AEST) on Wednesday 24 April.


Optus will carry the Galaxy S4 on its 4G network, too. It's a 4G-fest!

Optus will carry the device for an additional $7 per month with a $60 Plan on a 24 month contract.

That $60 Plan gets you $650 worth of included calls, unlimited national text messaging, free unlimited calls to Optus Mobiles and it throws in 1.5GB of included data.

The device will be in stores from 27 April.

Optus is also leaning on its partnership with Qantas, and will offer customers who upgrade to a $60 plan or higher with the Galaxy S4 8000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points. It's also holding in-store events at Sydney Central, Parramatta, Bondi Junction, Bourke Street, Highpoint, Chadstone, Tea Tree Plaza, Hay Street, Queen Street and Chermside.

Virgin Mobile

Optus MVNO, Virgin Mobile, isn't about to miss out on the Galaxy S4 fun, offering the device from 27 April on the $59 Big Plan.

The $59 Big Cap includes $700 worth of calls and texts as well as 3GB worth of 4G data. In a crazy development, however, the device will only cost you $2 extra per month on a 24-month contract, making Virgin the best deal in the country for Galaxy S4 handsets right now. That $2 is only if you're an existing Virgin Mobile customer. For new connections and port-ins you'll be looking at a $7 repayment option. That's still a pretty great deal.

It has the most data, a huge amount of calls and the cheapest handset repayments on Optus' 4G network. I say that's your pick for the budget conscious.


Samsung is opening pre-orders from Wednesday 23 April at its Experience Stores in Sydney and Melbourne for the device, which will cost $899 outright. Kogan also has the Galaxy S4 outright for a much cheaper price than Samsung is offering.

Kogan will sell you a Galaxy S4 for $739.



    I see a lot of dates about when pre-orders open, but nothing about when pre-orders/normal orders will be available! (With the exception of Telstra, but ouch on the pricing)

      Everyone looks to have it in stores from 27 April.

        Pity we don't get the Octa core (2 x 4) equivalent.. I'm surprised Voda still went with the 4G variant considering their 4G network isn't up and running for its customer base yet.

        Went into Telstra and Optus to ask about it in Ballarat on Saturday, the assistant at Optus told me they were currently filling preorders only, the assistant at Telstra lied to me and said it doesn't come out until Tuesday, when I said the Optus shop up the street has them in she stammered something about them being different companies and such. Why do companies think lying is a good customer service method.

      Vodafone, Optus and Virgin won't have stock in store until Monday April 29th. But they will despatch their preorders from Friday.

        I sourced the info from their respective Facebook pages btw

      Jusy bought new woolworths simsim card. They use optus. 29 buks 500 of calls and txts 5 gig of data and it rolls over to following month

    Wow! $87pm minimum on Telstra? No thanks!

      you will see it on the $60 everyday also. Just obviously a repayment also. maybe check the site tomorrow.

        The s3 is still $60 + MRO on Telstra - I don't think it was ever $60 flat.

        Sorry, reply intended for weresmurf below.

        Last edited 23/04/13 11:01 pm

    so expensive....

      Give it six months, it'll be down in the 60s with no repayments by then like the S2 then the S3 was.

        The s3 is still $60 + MRO on Telstra - I don't think it was ever $60 flat.

          My bad I forgot to mention through Optus. You can get it 60 bucks, no repayment (though you know the fees really in there somewhere). 1.5gb data, 650 worth of calls, unlim texts, unlim social networking etc etc etc etc.

            if only they have plans with more data and less credit :(

              *shrug* Im rarely somewhere I can't jump my sgs2 onto wifi. Plus I can't say I've ever gone over 1.5gb. But Im also not 4g yet (3g sgs2) and I don't tether.

              I'm sure when I get 4g I'll rip right through it lol

        Note two price hasn't dropped since it came out. Be interesting to see if your prediction is correct.

          Six months is a little ambitious. A year is more likely, but to be honest? Since Jellybean hit my SGS2 has just had a whole damn new lease of life hit it. It's faster, more responsive, the camera works better... everything, EVERYTHING about it is better. It's stunning. It's the free upgrade I wanted but couldn't get, seriously. I missed the SGS3 by 3 months, I won't be in time for the 4 so I'll likely go the 5 but if my SGS2 is still puttering along perfectly (I've dropped this sucker from TEN METERS onto concrete accidentally by the way and it got only a scratch when it got knocked off a second story. I'm sure these things are made of adamantium...)

          I used to own an iPhone and I can honestly say though it was a nice little phone, I never felt that safe or rewarded when a new OS came out? Honestly the SGS2 is probably the best phone I've ever owned...

            Yes I agree. I have an s3 and hated it. I installed cm10.1 and it became Tue phone I wanted. Fast, responsive and looks great. Before upgrading, try some of the custom ROMs out there, they bring your android phone to life.

            I agree mate, the gs2 with jjellybean is still a beast of a phone. Jellybean makes it feel like a new phone and i have dropped it so many times and theres just a few scuffs on the corners. My contract is up in august...I'm hoping by then there are some $0 plans available and I will jump straight on the gs4. Having smashed my work 4s twice in 2 drops, I won't be deviating from the more durable poly carb bodies when using my own hard earned.

            Well said mate! I alwasy wanted to upgrade to S4, but not anymore since 2 days ago when the Jelly bean for S2 is officially launched.

      IN New Zealand
      The cheapest way to own it via a plan is Vodafone
      at a whopping NZ$140 ( AUS$ 116) a month for 24 months! It is still cheaper here.

    Optus will be selling the s4 on Friday/Saturday depending on store availability

      Optus said on its Facebook page that stores will have stock from Monday.


    I'm fairly sureyou can get any smartphone offered from Telstra on any of their plans $60/$80/$100/$130. $7 on top of $80 is steep though. I'm curious as to what the extra on top of the $60 plan will be...

      Depends on the MRO bonus they offer.

    $900 outright seems outrageous for this phone!

      Good, maybe it will send some more people looking at the perfectly good phones from the likes of HTC and Sony. It's not good for Android if Sammy becomes the only profitable flagship manufacturer.

    Garbage Samsung how dare you send us the inferior Snapdragon 600 models and @ such a ridiculously overpriced RRP. They keep most of the Exynos 8 core's in Korea... great marketing move there morons. I wont be buying screw the Koreans. It's time we started looking back to Japan for our tech and give Korea the finger when they pull sh#t like this.

      1 the Exynos can only run on 4 cores at a time so you are better off having the more powerful 4 cores of the 600 and if you did want the exynos with 4G, your battery life would suck because they had to add a dedicated 4g LTE chip which uses a lot of power so the 600 is Good enough for anyone that would use this phone for even high demanding tasks.

      Its not samsung it's the companies in australia that make the 4G modems. Here is an exert from pc authority "the only companies with 4G modems are Qualcom and Nvidia. Nvidia’s platform agnostic radio still isn’t quite ready for primetime, which leaves Qualcomm as the supplier for the chips.

      We have been told in the past that the major reason for Qualcomm’s domination of 4G phones is that the only way companies can purchase the 4G modems is if they bundle it with a CPU. "

        Not true.
        "According to SamsungExynos the Exynos 5 Octa will support all the bands of LTE (20). So in other words, the Exynos chip from Samsung supports the same things as the Snapdragon 600 by Qualcomm. Because Samsung couldn’t produce Exynos 5 Octa on time Samsung decided to use the Snapdragon 600 in some countries!"

        Its totally a supply / demand problem.
        Don't be surprised if they release an LTE version with Exynos cores later in the year.

        Last edited 24/04/13 11:32 am

    Going to hold off for a few months, let any issues get sorted hopefully, and by then the Note 3 will be out lol

      $900 outright seems outrageous for this phone!

      Really, how much is the iPhone outright?

        799 outright rrp from apple online store
        even the htc one is 698 at harvey
        for some reason samsung thinks they can charge more

          999 for the 64gb iPhone 5 on the apple site. It might vary a TINY bit in store but not much. Guys at this point, it's a pissing contest. Both are pretty much priced the same now.

            But you can sell your 2 year old iPhone for more than 50% of purchase price

              but your stuck with an inferior phone for 2 years

        But the iPhone isn't made from cheap plastic.

          no but its does have a dual core processor, a tiny screen and runs an OS that was 2007

          No, it's made from poorly anodised metal instead. One of my neighbours updated to an iPhone 5 the week it came out and his looks like it has been flying about in the back of a ute for several years (but he is an airline pilot who drives a sedan). It is easily the most beat-up looking phone I have ever seen that still works so, if I were you, I would not be holding up Apple as a paragon of high quality materials.

        Don't know why are you replying to me with that comment considering as I said anothing about $900 being outrageous

      Generally speaking; when it comes to anything mass produced you're doing it ass about face. While Software issues - yes you're correct, as something ages over time the device becomes less profitable because the profit margin begins to shrink.

      Eventually over a period of time the handset's physical production cost will lower because cheaper options and ways of producing said goods will be come more apparent. As this happens, the general quality of anything mass produced becomes less-so.

      Besides; launch products from Samsung are always manufactured in Korea first. You just have to be lucky to get one from there. I have for the last 3 galaxies, lets hope I can Korea it up without importing again this time :)

      Yup! May as well go full sized and wait a bit. :) lol

      Note 3, which comes with its own carry trailer!!!

    Luke, you've buggered up the Telstra pricing somewhere along the line. Your article is describing the $60 plan, not the $80 plan, so either the total is $67 a month or the plan stats are different to what you've mentioned.

      Can't say I see the error, mate. The $80 plan has those inclusions as standard. Checked and double checked with the website and the press release. Where can you see differently?

        Spot on Luke. Great job on the Project TV. Your almost a regular there now.

    For those who were wondering, Virgin's minimum is $19/month on the Big Plan 29 (which isn't the plan I'll be getting, but it's the cheapest out there).

    Here's my proof:

      Cool, thanks for adding it into the article.
      Now take it down so they don't sell out before I get one.

      I was going to post the same link as the price in the article is wrong according to that link. It is $66 not $61 for what Luke has said is included as the handset payments are $7 not $2.

    $900... You've gotta be joking!!!

      It will be $ 600 in 2 month. I will wait.

    $899 is outrageous when the galaxy s3 is selling for under $400 now and the upgrade is not THAT major. $600 would be more reasonable. I already regret paying $750 for my Galaxy S3 last year, iPhones do not drop in value any where near as fast. Still, love the Samsung would never go back to iPhone.

      haha $750, i paid 550 at release from sir got ripped off

      Cannot argue this, sold my ipad for near brand new pricing (only lost 40 bucks) and my transformer infinity is already worth around 3/4 its original price...

    TELSTRAAAAAaaaaaaa.. What on earth? AGAIN... come on. $80plan + $7 mobile repayment option is never gonna look good stacked up against $60plan + $5 repayments. Geesh, even if you offer a hidden $60 plan from tomoz you might have already lost a few customers.

    Kogan, here I come! I want the octacore anyway..

    Ok, so what country can I import one from for the cheapest?

    Would the price for the outright model be cheaper after pre-ordering?

    Looks like the 3GB/$2 Virgin deal is only if you're an existing customer.

      Where did you find that? It could be a good option for me.

        There's something there about Mates Rates which leads to a bit about existing customers.

    Xperia Z is selling for $550 - $600 at some places.. smart shoppers would know where to put their money

      yeah into the HTC One

        And you can buy that from where exactly (at a reasonable price)? 760AUD pre-order seems to be the average you need to shell out for that phone (compared to a 550AUD for the Xperia Z).

        Don't get me wrong, I'd love to get the HTC phone, but they've screwed up the launch, availability and price [plus no SD expansion slot :( ]

          you can buy it from all over the place 698 from HN and JB at the end of the week
          Experia Z was similar pricing upon release
          They screwed up the price but yet your here talking about a plastic phone that is still $200 more

          Might be a deal breaker for you but 32GB storage is plenty for a PHONE

            This is about the Xperia now that is 150AUD cheaper, right?

            And take a chill-pill and calm down, were are talking about a PHONE here after all.

    I might trade in my i5 64gb in a few months once the price has dropped significantly.

    All plans with 1.5 gigabytes on 4g networks. What's the point? Yay I have this super fast internet but so little data that it run out in minutes if I decide to stream HD content.

    I'm still annoyed at the fact that Australia is not getting the octa-core Galaxy S4. I was so hyped up for this...

      because the octa core does not support 4G

        Yes it does. See my comment above.

        The Korean variant (SHV-E300K/S) has both Octa-Core and LTE.

        Last edited 24/04/13 1:00 pm

          It only supports one of the frequency bands used on Australian LTE

            This specific model is for the Korean market (and hence Korean spectrum).
            Like I said above in my reply post to "Lisa", check the link; The chipset supports all 20 LTE frequencies.

            The link above to wiki was to show kyle9600 that Exynos Octa does indeed support 4G.

            Last edited 25/04/13 12:50 pm

              I was just stating that the Korean variant only supports one of the LTE bands used in Australia (I said frequency but meant band, my mistake). The Korean S4 supports bands 3,5,1,7,17 and out of them Australian LTE is on band 3 only. So not sure if that would cause connection issues to LTE networks, but was simply stating that only one band is supported.

              Also would it be worth taking into account developer support for the korean variant?

              I think people are just going oooo 8 is bigger then 4, must be better. As pointed out though, only 4 are active at any one time

                Ah yes, I see what you're saying.
                Yeah I did look into getting this (a similar situation happened with the 4G S3 version last year).
                Between the different bands, the 80 char SMS limit, and few other minor differences, You really wouldn't want to buy a Korean version. Very limited support, a very niche model (so less community support / mods) no local warranties, and the issues we mentioned.

                I'd be willing to be a million bucks a Xynos Octa LTE version will hit our shores once cpu production can finally meet demand (probably end of the year?)

    I'm at the end of a Telstra SGS2 plan on $60 which has the 1.5GB limit, I moved to Telstra after having far too many data connection issues with Virgin and have loved NextG speeds, but if Virgin's 4G speeds and reliability are good and I can get consistent connections in Melbourne then I reckon I might be switching.

    Have there been specific tests of Virgin's 4G coverage and capabilities? I know there have probably been Optus ones, but I'm talking Virgin because I swear their 3G was subpar compared to Optus 3G - it's like they were second-class citizens on the Optus network.

    The bloody telcos KNOW that the majority of use is based on data plans these days which is why they include so little on the cheaper plans, I know they have to make money but come on.

    I'll wait a few months, buy it outright for $699 and then just continue to use my Internode $20 a month, $450 worth of calls, 1.5GB of data and 150GB of social networking, thank you very much.

    Maybe i'm blind, but why do the media hype up the Galaxy S4? it is a minimal upgrade from the S3 at best, the design and build quality is awful compared to the iPhone & Lumia's and it has to be one of the blandest phones out there!

    If I wanted to use Android, the HTC One or Xperia Z look like much nicer phones imo.

      Not sure what you mean by minimal upgrade - the screen, battery, camera all have significant upgrades. It also has a faster CPU, double the RAM of the S3, and includes an IR port and a few new sensors. It also has gorilla glass 3 on the screen - the S3 came with gorilla glass 2.

      No one knows the build quality because it hasn't been released yet, but I agree on the styling side, the HTC One and Xperia Z are much better looking phone. I guess it just comes down to whether you prefer features / specs over looks. All three are solid choices IMO.

    Telstra have always been notorious for high MRO's (Mobile Repayment Options) on their plans

    @Tornhelm - the $60 Telstra plan is a BYO Mobile...if you want the same plan but with a phone then it's an extra $20 plus MRO (if there is any)...I don't know how Virgin Mobile can offier it with such a small MRO on their $59 plan

    The Galaxy S3 S (that's what I calling the S4) is just the S3 with a 5 inch screen, new cameras, faster CPU, new version of TouchWiz and Android 4.2.2. It's still made out of plastic (even though Samsung say its a hyperglaze finish) for a flagship phone and what the HTC One and the Xperia Z look like...and the design is starting to get old...

    To me Samsungs target market has been the iPhone crowd (hence why the design hasn't changed and still uses a hardware home key)

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