Panasonic Lumix G6: A Micro Four Thirds For Video Junkies

Panasonic has announced a brand-new mid-range micro four thirds camera, the Lumix G6. It offers up a solid list of specs — and should appeal to fans of shooting video in particular.

The camera packs a 16MP sensor, that can grab images at 7fps in burst mode and offer up a maximum sensitivity ISO 25,600. Elsewhere, there's Wi-Fi and NFC, along with a 3-inch touchscreen that tilt and swivels by 180 degrees and 270 degrees respectively, and an overhauled Venus image engine. It starts up in 0.5 seconds, which isn't too shabby.

As for video, it can record 1080/60p video, manage AVCHD or MP4 recording, handles stereo audio and — according to Panasonic — has live and touch autofocus that make for "professional-like rack focusing." That's quite a claim, but bodes well if it's accurate.

Currently there's no word on exact pricing or availability. It should hopefully cost rather less than the Lumix GH-3 though, which retails at around $1500. [Engadget]

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