North Korea's Twitter And Flickr Accounts Have Been Hacked

A team of hackers appears to have broken into North Korea's official, government-run Twitter and Flickr accounts. Evidence left on the sites suggests that the hacks on the social media accounts were carried out by Anonymous activists.

North Koreas's Uriminzokkiri Twitter and Flickr accounts started sending out atypical messages and images several hours ago (see screengrabs below), and normal service hasn't resumed yet. The Flickr site currently displays a picture of Kim Jong-un's face complete with a pig-like snout, along with images synonymous with Anonymous. A series of tweets read merely "hacked", followed by links to North-Korea-related websites.

Usually, North Korea's Twitter account — which boasts 13,000 followers — is used to praise its system and leaders, as well as showcase reports from the country's official Korean Central News Agency.

[The Guardian]

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