NBN Co To Offer 1-Gigabit Broadband Speeds By December

100Mbps isn't cool. You wanna know what's cool? 1000Mbps. That's what we're heading for with the National Broadband Network: 1000Mbps — or 1Gbps — by the end of the year according to NBN Co.

NBN Co said today that telcos and ISPs would be able to order the 1Gbps products from December, outing the prices for three different speed tiers in a press release today.

Here are the tiers and prices:

These aren't necessarily the prices you'll be paying for gigabit fibre broadband, however. These are just the prices that ISPs will pay to get access to these plan tiers.

By way of comparison, NBN Co's corporate plan states that wholesale access to 12Mbps-down and 1Mbps-up speeds start at $24 per month. ISPs like Internode and iiNet, for example, charge around $50 for an access plan.

Either way, gigabit internet! [NBN Co PDF]

Fibre image via Shutterstock

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