NBN Co Chief Mike Quigley Is Probably Getting Fired Says The Guy Who Will Fire Him

Being the head of NBN Co has to be the toughest job in the country, and thankfully, someone pretty tough and cool-headed has been doing the job really well recently. His name is Mike Quigley. Unfortunately, Quigley has made Malcolm Turnbull's list of "People To Fire When I Come To Power".

Fresh off the back of his party's broadband policy announcement this week, Malcolm Turnbull has given us a peek at his political wishlist if the Coalition comes to power in the next Federal Election — set to be held on September 14.

Turnbull came out this morning and said that Mike Quigley is flat out "the wrong person for the job". Turnbull reportedly has little respect for Quigley, adding that his skill set is wrong for someone building a massive telecoms network.

Quigley is just the start, though. Turnbull wants to shake up the whole NBN Co leadership team:

He [Turnbull] said he expected “there will be considerable changes in the management level. As far as the board is concerned, I think you can assume there will be very considerable changes there.”

Time to start hitting the Help Wanted ads, Mr Quigley...

Who could replace Quigley? [The Australian via Business Insider Australia]

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