NBN Co Chief Mike Quigley Is Probably Getting Fired Says The Guy Who Will Fire Him

Being the head of NBN Co has to be the toughest job in the country, and thankfully, someone pretty tough and cool-headed has been doing the job really well recently. His name is Mike Quigley. Unfortunately, Quigley has made Malcolm Turnbull's list of "People To Fire When I Come To Power".

Fresh off the back of his party's broadband policy announcement this week, Malcolm Turnbull has given us a peek at his political wishlist if the Coalition comes to power in the next Federal Election -- set to be held on September 14.

Turnbull came out this morning and said that Mike Quigley is flat out "the wrong person for the job". Turnbull reportedly has little respect for Quigley, adding that his skill set is wrong for someone building a massive telecoms network.

Quigley is just the start, though. Turnbull wants to shake up the whole NBN Co leadership team:

He [Turnbull] said he expected “there will be considerable changes in the management level. As far as the board is concerned, I think you can assume there will be very considerable changes there.”

Time to start hitting the Help Wanted ads, Mr Quigley...

Who could replace Quigley? [The Australian via Business Insider Australia]



    I'll say Gerry Harvey.

      Funny! But he would still complain about overseas imports . . .

    Typical businessman who would fire all his new employees after a hostile take over. This self confessed technology guru is advocating spending tax payer dollars on antiquated copper solutions, is Turnbull the right man for his job? Imagine this type of diplomacy in an international political arena, he would be embarrassing for Australia on the world stage. He's so self absorbed he can't see his actions and solutions are inappropriate.

    Firing everybody will definitely help speed up construction...

      Get Telstra to do it, then it would be done correctly, and a bit faster too probably.

        Please tell me your joking? It took Telstra 3+ weeks to connect my home to service...and the cables were already installed! Multiply that by X thousand homes and double the time to actually install/replace cabling, and you'll end up 22xx at least.

          that is telstra consumer (or telstra retail), get telstra enterprise construction to do it, much, much faster.

            Not sure why you got downvoted, your comment is right. Telstra's business and enterprise sections are like a completely different company, they're that much faster and more efficient than the residential section.

              It's the same section- Telstra Operations. The difference is the priority they give to jobs. High to business and Enterprise "when I get to it, ASAP" for Telstra retail customers...."after lunch....or maybe dinner" for wholesale customers.

        I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
        Telstra had 10 years to do this, and yet here we are languishing on ADSL if you are fortunate enough to even be able to get it.

          Telstra cable 100 (100mbps) available for 1.5 years now. Telstra FTTP to greenfields, available for 2 years now.

    Quigley is definitely the wrong man to lead a telco rolling out a network. The man has no related experience in the telco industry period.


    COO of Alcatel? I'd say that there is some pretty f*cking relevant experience, Mr Turnbull.

      And of course he did a great job while he was there right?

      For the record, I'm opposed to the Coalition's broadband policy.

      Last edited 11/04/13 1:20 pm

        I'd say bribing officials is good for business!

        That aside, over 50 'thousand' employees, stuff like that is going to happen, regardless of the top-brass. He wasn't actually linked to any of it.

        @single_malt There was never ANY evidence Quigley had any involvement in the corruption scandal. In fact, the inquiry cleared him.

    The year is 2183, and Australians have just hit peak speeds of 66MBP/s down. This is our story....

    Last edited 11/04/13 12:41 pm

      66MBps? that is 528mbps! over 1/2 a 1Gbps connection, or 5x the current NBN max speed...not bad.

      Did you know that for the past 18 months you could get a 100mbps cable connection with Telstra? did you also know that for over 2.5 years, you could get a 1gbps FTTP connection from Telstra?

      if you are waiting for the NBN, go with a 100mbps or 1000mbps connection from Telstra, and stop complaining.

        "if you are waiting for the NBN, go with a 100mbps or 1000mbps connection from Telstra, and stop complaining."

        Or, anyone who desperately wants the NBN could move to a location where it is already installed :-)

        Alright, so I capitalised what shouldn't have been capitalised. I meant 100mbp/s, not MBP/s.

        Only problem is with the cable, is that's only in select area's. There is next to no cable in Canberra. So it's kinda hard to 'stop complaining' when that access is another 3 years (at a minimum) away at my location.

        Last edited 11/04/13 3:23 pm

          as Peter T suggested, you could move :P

          ironic that Canberra has such long waiting times for NBN.

            Why? You do realise that most pollies don't live in Canberra right?

    Another TurnbullSh*t idea. It's like the Energizer bunny it just keep going and going and....

    I think Turnbull's comments are all about thanking those that help his party. In other words, jobs for the boys. "So long as me and my rich mates continue making lots of money then all is right with this country".

      Jobs for the business buddies vs for jobs for the unionist buddies.

      Both parties do exactly the same thing.

        Ok, so what union is Quigley a member of?

          I never said Quigley was a member of a union. Learn to read.

    "...that his skill set is wrong for someone building a massive telecoms network."

    Others who have proven they lack the skillset to build a massive telecoms network:

    Malcolm Turnbull
    Tony Abbott

    Will they get the sack too?

      If one wanted to be pedantic, then so far, with the massive delays, neither Labor/Conroy nor Quigley/NBNCo have proved that they can build a massive telecom's network. :-)

      Turnbull, chair of OzEmail for 5 years
      Conroy tell people he can make ISP's wear underpants of their head.

      So who's got internet experiences?

      Funny that NBN NTD's are ALCATEL

        @Entilzha You do realise Turnbull being Chairman of OzEmail meant he has ZERO experience in making any form of network decisions about a telecoms company, yeah? Chairman of the board is essentially, the same as Governor General- first among equals. On a board who make BUSINESS decisions, not network ones.

        Turnbull has no more experience rolling out a network than Conroy does. I wouldn't expect a politician to. Quigley on the other hand worked in Alcatel's projects division for 10 YEARS and worked with some of the largest telecoms companies on the planet on their FTTN and FTTH rollouts. (and even their HFC rollouts)

        So, who's got "internet" experience?

      Your comment makes no sense. Turnbull and Abbott are politicians, they're not the ones "building a massive telecoms network". Turnbull's analogue is Conroy, and I most certainly do hope he gets the sack, regardless of who wins the election.

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