Muji Strips This Splashproof Speaker To Its Bare Essentials

Muji's known for its ultra-minimalistic take on everything from office supplies, to apparel, to electronics. Check out this simple splashproof speaker housing for a smartphone that provides full access to the touchscreen.

Powered by three AAA batteries that promise up to 30 hours of playback, the $70 speaker eschews a wireless connection to your device in favour of an old-school tethered connection to its headphone jack. A series of heavy-duty clamps keep moisture out, while a flexible membrane that wraps across your phone's display like cellophane still lets you view and use its touchscreen for playback control.

Shown with an iPhone 4 under the hood, the speaker's generous capacity looks like it can handle almost any reasonably-sized smartphone or media player, although the Galaxy Note could be pushing its limits.

[Muji via Cool Hunting]

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