Making Weapons From Airport Duty-Free Stores

Making Weapons From Airport Duty-Free Stores

It’s widely acknowledged that the purpose of airport security isn’t to protect passengers from harm — it’s to stop major in-flight attacks that take down the plane. That doesn’t stop airports imposing plenty of silly security rules, but a report in Dutch newspaper Nu reveals just how easy it is to create dangerous tools from airport duty-free stores regardless.

The reports expands on a talk given by Evan Booth at a recent Hack the Box conference (which is shown in the video above). It describes how everyday items from duty-free stores can be combined to create things like bombs and crossbows. From the Nu article (excuse dubious translation):

Besides a bomb knew Booth also easy to make a bow and arrow of stuff he had bought in a shop in an airport. For this he used an umbrella, hair dryer, socks, a leather belt and condoms. Too obvious things like a lighter and deodorant as alternative gas burner he did not elaborate.

Booth also made a crossbow of an umbrella, floss, grab a toy, a rolkoffertje, a straw and tape. With a straw, cotton and a piece of metal from a remote controlled helicopter he was able to make a blow gun for firing arrows.

Remarkable is also a club that he made a gift, what magazines, floss, a leather strap and tape. In a test showed that so firmly, that he with a single blow a coconut in several parts stores.

Err… you get the gist. Anyway, the clear message is that current airline security doesn’t really protect you as a passenger, though it might, at least, stop the plane from being brought to the ground. It’s… kind of comforting, right? [Nu via Boing Boing]