LG's Bedding Vac Battles Bed Bugs On Their Home Turf

Falling somewhere between a compact Dustbuster and a full-sized floor vacuum, LG's new VH9200DS is specifically designed to rid your bed and sheets of all the tiny critters hoping to spend the night with you. But it can also handle dust and crumbs, so you never need to feel bad about snacking in bed.

The vacuum's cleaning head vibrates 8000 times per minute, making it all but impossible for particles and tiny critters to hold on before being sucked inside and trapped in a pair of HEPA filters. And to ensure that nasty visitors like harmful bacteria don't return, inside the vacuum there's a UV lamp that kills and sterilizes everything that's been sucked up. If you're interested you'll need to find a way to get one from South Korea — where it's available for around $200 — but if you've always worried about what's lurking in your mattress, having one imported will be worth all the trouble.

[LG Korea via Fareastgizmos]

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