Install Shelves That Make Your House Look Windy

These shelves throw caution to the wind. They'll blow you away. They're a breeze. Can't. Stop. Puns. Everywhere. Look, the point is that paper scattering in the wind is a great motif for shelves and these are super pretty. OK? Fine.

These steel shelves called BLOW were conceived by Japanese design studio YOY. Each shelf is A4 letter-sized and twisted to create the look of paper rustling in the breeze. The shelves are only available from the Italian home store Pianoprimo. Maybe adding some aesthetic chaos will make the mess in your house look intentional.

[Spoon & Tamago]


    Things like this really shouldn't be mass produced imo.. Takes all the magic out of what could be a rather awesome domestic art piece to stumble upon.

    "Oh wow that's awesome!" "thanks, it was $14 at ikea"

    Near paper-thin steel shelves with sharp corners protruding from the wall at odd angles? Sure, I can't see a problem with that!! :P

    sounds like a good way to get your kid to go down that one-eyed pirate path.

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