If Game Of Thrones Characters Were On Facebook

By now it's pretty much a fact that everyone uses Facebook (pipe down if you don't). It's also pretty much a fact that everyone watches Game of Thrones too (shut up if you don't). But what if the characters in Game of Thrones started using Facebook? It would be so hilarious

I need to see more of this comedic gold! Facebook is the online distillation of real life. Pretty soon, all TV shows and movies and books will devolve into a series of Facebook posts so that tweens will understand pop culture. No, seriously. Happy Place translated the Season 3 premiere into Facebook and it's absolutely gold.

Here are a few more timeless Facebook posts from Game of Thrones characters from TeamPwnicorn.com on Funny or Die:

[Team Pwnicorn, Funny or Die via Laughing Squid]

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