How The Hell Did This iPad Get Stuck Inside A Car Bumper?

Places you expect to see an iPad: in an Apple store, at a coffee shop, on an aeroplane, near your home bathroom, on a nightstand, in someone's hands, you get the point. Places you don't expect to see an iPad: at an outdoor concert being used as a camera, in Bill Gates' office, inside a jail cell and FREAKING WEDGED TO A CAR BUMPER.

This is insane. A woman in Georgia says she saw an object flying at her car but since she didn't hear anything actually hit her car, she didn't pay any extra attention to it. Until she got home and stepped out of her car. What she found was an iPad so deeply wedged inside her car's bumper that she needed to hammer it out. It's incredible! The iPad became some sort of ninja star but, uh, how the hell did it get there?

The woman, who managed to turn on the iPad, found the owner of the iPad's contact information and returned it to him. Apparently, he had left his iPad on top of his car and drove off, thus creating the flying iPad stuck on her car bumper. Amazing. [ABC 57]

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