How Far Can North Korea's Missiles Actually Reach?

Though we know in theoretical terms that North Korea has missiles that could hit Los Angeles, where else could North Korea's missiles actually hit? With all the hubbub about North Korea and its redeployment of missiles on North Korea's eastern coast, the Washington Post created a map showing the range of North Korea's various missiles.

No one is sure what missiles North Korea has redeployed, it could be the Musudan missiles (that's what South Korea says) or the KN-08 (that's what Japan is saying) but thanks to the gigantic Pacific Ocean, most of the United States looks to be safe from harm from both those missiles. Nearby Japan and South Korea and China, on the other hand, could be assed.

The best thing on the world's side (sort of) is that neither missile is especially accurate. It could hit the ocean for all we know. Plus, though North Korea may have the bravado of long range missiles, they might not have the brains to actually launch one. [Washington Post]


    Don't you mean the lack of brains to launch one.

      Lets see if you have do you launch one?

      OP- "They might not have the brains"
      Hj- "They might not have the lack of brains"

      See your issue?

    I can't take a missile seriously when half its name is 'dong'

      It's appropriate as we'll screwed if it enters our space.

      dong probably refers to East

        Dong is apparently this character: 洞

        Which according to the dictionary can mean:
        cave / hole / zero (unambiguous spoken form when spelling out numbers)

      Considering the shape of a missle, I'd say its pretty spot on.

    While we are watching movements of missiles, who is watching movements coming out of the country and ensuring no suitcases or dirty bombs are leaving? He is either full of it or creating a great diversion.

      This so much. NK freak me out a little in how confident they are. They could be full of shit but there’s a good chance they’ve been planning a war for the last 20 years and have the means to cause damage to cities internally.
      That and the fact that if you combine their active and reserve armies, they have more than Russia, China and US combined. Not saying they could win, but this is definitely going to be bigger than any wars we’ve seen in the last two decades.

        Doesn't matter how big your army is, if they are not fed and supplied they are not effective.

          unless you watch olympus has fallen and that other movie about N Korea attacking US from the inside

          that being said with the whole right to bear arms thing, i dont think americans will be too worried. They will just run into a nth korean school and gun the kids down as a demonstration

          seriously though i am curious as to who Nth Koreas allies are. China appears to be giving them the cold shoulder, but it could be a ruse to pretend they are not interested. Then all of a sudden your closest asian neighbour turns out to be a chinese spy that was planted 20 years ago.

          But if they are alone (comapred to Germany in WW2) they wouldnt they jsut get owned pretty quickly if the world super powers hit them back.

    Then there's the Unha 3 which apparently has a 10,000km range (but apparently no method of reentry to actually make things go boom)

    All of this assumes the missile will be launched from North Korea. What if there is a ship somewhere off the coast of the US just waiting for the go-ahead?

    smashed by... cutting-edge smaller, lighter and diversified nuclear strike means

      Whilst I'm no expert on naval warfare, I'm pretty confident that, given they can't make a reliable missile, they aren't capable of making a warship or submarine capable of evading the US navy. And I'm quite sure the US have Korea's navy under surveillance.

        like the 2 submarines that went missing last week?

          Not sure what you're implying. That the US have lost track of two N. Korean subs or that N. Korea has lost two of it's own subs. I'd love an article link if you've got one.

          That's sincerity too, BTW. I realize it kinda sounded arrogant.

          Last edited 08/04/13 2:28 pm

            i can neither confirm nor deny these speculations about US intelligence incompetence

            lol jokes


        Why hide it if the ship is in NK waters?

          So like 50-100km offshore? As in essentially no different from a land based launch?

          The whole purpose of a sea based launch from a sub or warship is to (secretly) bring the launch base closer to the target.

            like dropping a medivac full of marines into the enemys mineral field

    "neither missile is especially accurate"

    This. Does that make them more or less dangerous though?

      at a guess, I'd say about 50% as dangerous as an accurate one.
      reasoning as follows :

      - most likely targets are big cities / capitals
      - most big cities / capitals are on or near a coast.
      - an innacurate rocket, if its likely hit area is say a radius of 100Km around the intended target, is just as likely to overshoot as it is to come up short.

      therefore, given that 50% of the area surrounding a target is likely to be ocean, theres about a 49.5% chance of it hitting the surrounding populated area, a 49.5% chance of hitting the ocean & a 1% chance of hitting the target.

      an accurate rocket hitting its intended target 90% of the time is far more dangerous.

      Edit: maybe XKCD's What If? could answer this properly....

      Last edited 08/04/13 10:52 am

    Their missiles don't have to go too far...Seoul is close enough for an effective demonstration.

      I seriously don't think they will target Seoul, as that puts their own country at risk and surely they aren't stupid enough to do that.

        if they are stupid enough to start WW3 then they are stupid enough to do anything

    Now you see why the US put troops in Darwin.

    This whole North Korea thing is sounding more and more like a petulant child stamping it's feet and holding it's breath 'till it gets a lolly, just very immature and silly. China doesn't want them to be good because they'll end up with a cash strapped neighbour that can no longer buy it's goods right on it's border, (plus refugees), the US can't send in an Ambassador without looking like it's kowtowing and looking week? Someone needs to be put in the quiet corner me thinks..! :)

      its a small group of people, a couple dozen military personnell & the 'leader' (read puppet) Kim Jong Un. & yeah. its a tanty.

      well.... a tanty with the intention of extorting aid from the rest of the world.
      I feel sorry for the people of North Korea who are suffering from this regimes insanity.

      but... even though this group of leaders needs to be removed, I hear that its impolite to invade a country without provocation. (not that it hasnt been done before, but damn... how rude!)

        its a small group of people, a couple dozen military personnell & the 'leader' (read puppet) Kim Jong Un. & yeah. its a tanty.

        It's not a small group of people, it's the entire military.

        I feel sorry for the people of North Korea who are suffering from this regimes insanity.

        The thing is, most of the rest of the North Korean population have been brainwashed and believe the bullshit their government is telling them.

        I hear that its impolite to invade a country without provocation.

        Dunno about you but I'd say threatening to fire a nuke at your country would be classified as provoking.

          entire military? nah, 99% of them are grunts that have been brainwashed too. its the 1% that are the problem.

          brainwashing of the people is why I feel sorry for them. they're suffering starvation, death camps & all this other horrible stuff through no fault of their own.

          ...its arguably provocative, but its not provocation. the US & Japan are pretty sure theres not much behind it, so it'd be like invading Australia because I said I was gonna nuke the US. the US have put missile deflection things in place in Guam (or are going to) so if NK do fire something at a city, it will most likely be shot down. thats provocation & grounds for retaliation.

    They can hit all of Australia as it's mostly downhill from there.

    Like all things, the present, is somewhat, more unclear, until we look back at it from the future, North Korea is not starting WW3, however, may act as a tipping point, depending on how any act North Korea may or may not do.
    Nuclear Weapons are not weapons used in their own right against people, they are simply used as merit badges to say that the countries that own them are at the big boy table, this is because when they were used against countries, the damage done, made the land uninhabitable, therefore (invasion becomes useless), and as it affects all inhabitants, its not a military conflict but a whole society conflict, which changes the whole world view against the aggressor using nukes, this means that anyone using nukes, will most likely only get to use them once, and in retaliation, nukes will not be used, but every facility that has nuclear capability will be taken out.

    essentially removing the big boy badge from the want to be big boy, any other way, makes for a society level disaster, that affects the whole environment.

    The UN would be against the US, using nukes as retaliation, so essentially it wouldn't happen. N Korea gets one shot at it, before total wipe-out.

    N Korea would be better served, if they use commercial transport, to gets its armaments in place of the US if they were serious about aggression, if not its all postulating with only 2 outcomes possible, do nothing and makes lots of noise, or do something but get wiped off the face of the planet in retaliation.

    All of this is really scaring. I do not wanna die ! :(

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