HopStop Gives You Real-Time User Feedback On Public Transport In Australia

There's nothing more convenient than having your own set of wheels, but public transportation is really the only way to go sometimes. It's cheaper and faster in some instances, but it's also prone to a lot of delays. Enter Hopstop.

HopStop is today pushing out an update to its iPhone app called HopStop Transit Directions that now includes real-time user feedback in seven countries across 20,000 public transport lines. Users can now submit info on over 750,000 stops letting fellow passengers know just how crappy their morning or afternoon commute will be. Real-time info is available for every and any line or route that HopStop currently supports.

HopStop says there are over two million monthly active users, so the feedback should actually be useful. Of course, if your line is underground and without reception, I'm not so sure you'll really be getting said feedback in real time. HopStop says it will release updates to its iPad and Android apps in the near-ish future. [iTunes]

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