Here’s Vodafone’s Entire 4G Network Rollout Map Tool [Update]

Here’s Vodafone’s Entire 4G Network Rollout Map Tool [Update]

Get in here. As in right now. Someone just leaked us a link to Vodafone’s public network mapping tool, complete with outages, network comparisons and most importantly, its entire 4G rollout footprint. Check it out before it’s gone.

The tool requires you to first search an address, then you can toggle different layers to give you a whole mess of information about the network coverage that is available.

I doubt Vodafone will want us to have this for too long, so make sure you go and have a browse before it disappears behind the corporate firewall.

Update: Looks like the tool is hiding 4G now. Still, it gives you a detailed map of where all the base stations, high-traffic data areas, planned outages and 3G+ areas are/will be. Fun!


Thanks to our anonymous tipster for leaking this to us!

Update: Aaaaaaaaand it’s gone. T’was fun while it lasted.