First Successful Womb Transplant Recipient Is Now Six Weeks Pregnant

Derya Sert, a 22-year-old Turkish woman, is officially six weeks into a normal, healthy pregnancy. The absolutely remarkable part? Sert was born without a womb and received the first successful uterus transplant ever.

After performing the actual surgery in 2011, doctors were able to use her own eggs, which they then fertilised before placing an embryo in her brand new womb this March.

Of course, Sert is still at an early stage in her pregnancy, and doctors won't really be able to claim absolute success until they're holding the screaming, embryonic-fluid-covered bundle of joy in their hands. But, at least for now, this incredible victory can provide hope to countless women in Sert's same position. [Washington Post]

Picture: Shutterstock/Juan Gaertner

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