Everyday Objects With Broken Image Icons Are Endlessly Frustrating

Is there anything more frustrating than a web page with a broken image icon? It's so tantalising: what was I supposed to see, and am I missing out? Well, with this series of artworks by graphic designer Beom Young that frustration transfers to the real world. He explains:

Through this installation, I tried to crack the border between them by transferring the symbol from one world to another world. I am wondering how people will react to the broken image icons in the real stuff. Will they feel blankness and imagine missing images, focusing on its original information, or will they accept them as just small images?

So, the question is, how do they make you feel? Intrigued by what's missing, amused by the use of an iconic digital image as art... or just irritated by the pretensions of Young? [Beom Young via Ignant]

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