Even Grandma Could Tell This Isn't How Hacking Works

It's a common little meta-game for those of us who are technically competent: keep your eye out in the movies for the most egregious technical misrepresentation you can find. And while its one thing to just keep tossing of reference after reference to "the mainframe" this complication of hacktastic scenes put together by the folks at Hack a Day is particularly cringe-worthy.

Someday, maybe there'll be a real true-to-life, tech-friendly hacker montage. But then again, that'd probably be impossible to watch, except maybe in time-lapse. [Hack a Day]


    Wow - this guy is boring...

    Where do I start?

    Example #1 - That would be hotwiring, not hacking
    Example #2 - This isn't a hack, she just simply started using the system...
    Example #3 - Again not a hack. Supposed to be technical wizardry (that does make no sense I agree)
    Example #8 - Uh What? A bomb keyed to a keystroke isn't hacking... it's just a bomb....
    Example #9 - Technical Wizardry again. It had nothing to do with hacking, it was all about a limitation a camera couldn't do (which is ironically highlighted later in the movie with the satellite scene)

    And this guys personality is pretty bad. Sorry but it's true.

      That's just mean.

    He doesn't know have the movies names or what they are about.

      Those details don't really matter in regards to the topic at hand here. Besides he only got one movie name wrong and he then corrected himself.

    Why were all the clips back to front? All the text in all of them was backwards..?

      People think that lets them get around copyright issues because they "modified" it.

        YouTube won't automatically recognise it as copyrighted material. Nothing to do with them thinking about anything being modified or what not.

    Has there ever been an accurate movie portrayal of hacking (or more correctly, cracking)?

      The second matrix movie did it excellently, where Trinity used an actual real world attack (SSHNuke) against a vulnerable SSH daemon.

        Indeed, if anything was done right in the Matrix movies, the hacking actually wasn't that bad? Part 1 was done quite decently as was Reloaded.

        She also used nmap to detect a vulnerable SSH server. Very cool scene.

      Duh. Wargames.

    yeah you missed a few... the matrix, transformers ones that could work though, the new judge dredd

    It makes me really angry every time I watch a TV show where they are "hacking"

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