Euphonia: A Free Cinematic Film About Our Love Affair With Technology

This wonderful 53-minute movie, released for free on Vimeo and produced with no budget, tells the story of of a high school student obsessed with experiencing the world through technologically created sound bites. Called Euphonia, the film was created by Danny Madden, and it's a moving and insightful piece of cinem.

Short of the Week describes what happens:

Our main character (played by Will Madden, the director's brother) is a laid-back high school kid. He is cool, but somehow detached. He finds an outlet however when he purchases a Zoom H4 portable recorder. Suddenly his experience of the world is estranged in ways that are fascinating to him. He seeks out new sounds and new sequences, becoming alive to the world in a way jaded teens rarely seem to be. However he must combat the potentially deleterious effects of having his reality merge with what he hears in a microphone.

Intriguingly, much of the audio track is based on the very soundbites that the character captures, so it pays to watch the film in some way that let's you hear every last detail. Enjoy! [Vimeo via The Verge]

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