Eat Away Your Carbon Footprint With This Eco-Friendly Edible Spoon

The idea of an edible utensil isn't exactly new, but nothing has been quite as convenient (and non-sticky) as Triangle Tree's brilliant Eco-Spoon. This overgrown corn chip has been lovingly sculpted out of corn and other all-natural ingredients into a stubby, bottom heavy spoon for all your dining needs.

But not all spoonable foods are made alike, and the environmentally concious minds behind the Eco-Spoon have taken this into account by offering two presumably crunchy varieties: plain, and sweet and spicy. Plus, even when your fridge is running low, you can stave off a trip to the grocery store for just a little bit longer by using your utensils as sustenance.

The Eco-Spoon may just be a concept for now. But if you're getting desperate to ditch the plasticware, you can always just use these to pretty much the same effect. Probably.

[Food Beast via Oh Gizmo!]

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