Beets Parody Headphones Are Actually Not A Prank

Revealed while the internet is still recovering from last week's barrage of fake April Fool's products, OrigAudio's Beets headphones — a parody of Dre's Beats headphones — are real and will set you back just $25 a pair. Will they sound as 'good' as an authentic and considerably more expensive pair of Beats?

Probably not, even when you consider that a good chunk of the Beats price tag is paying for the brand name. But the Beets promise built-in noise reduction, volume controls on the cord, a hard carrying case, and a donation will be made to the Second Harvest food bank for every pair that's purchased. So think of it another way, would you rather help feed the hungry, or help pad Dr Dre's bottom line?

[OrigAudio via Chip Chick]

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