Beets Parody Headphones Are Actually Not A Prank

Revealed while the internet is still recovering from last week's barrage of fake April Fool's products, OrigAudio's Beets headphones — a parody of Dre's Beats headphones — are real and will set you back just $25 a pair. Will they sound as 'good' as an authentic and considerably more expensive pair of Beats?

Probably not, even when you consider that a good chunk of the Beats price tag is paying for the brand name. But the Beets promise built-in noise reduction, volume controls on the cord, a hard carrying case, and a donation will be made to the Second Harvest food bank for every pair that's purchased. So think of it another way, would you rather help feed the hungry, or help pad Dr Dre's bottom line?

[OrigAudio via Chip Chick]

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    Beats headphones are awful. You are paying for some basic hardware and mroe than 90% of the cost goes towards the brand name. They are worse than the dime-a-dozen headphones you can pick up at an Officeworks.

      Agreed. Spend 400 bucks on some Beats by Dre or 400 bucks on a set of Shure 1440's...

      "Shure" your not going to get the pretty beats symbol on the side but at least your music won't sound like someone chundering into a toilet bowl.

        I think you may have your head stuck firmly up to your proverbial if you think that Beats sound like chunder. Sure, they're no Shures' or a decent set of Sony Cans but they're still above average in sound quality.

        Lucky for me, I picked my set up at the local Thrift shop for $20 ... Bargain.

          Potentially I do. It was more metaphorically speaking than anything else. Compared to what sort of headphones you can get for the same price they are terrible.

    Beets by Dwight?

      False. Dwight wouldn't use headphones. He would listen to the latest hits via the perfection of communication that is Morse Code. Equally effective if he ever lost his hearing, but retained his sight.

    take the driver out of something like the ksc-75s and install it into these frames perhaps?

    There are so many headphones I can name that sound 1231241 times better than beats. Koss KSC-55's or Brainwavz HV3's for example.

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