Awesome Dude Creates Can That Makes It Easy To Get Pringles Out

Putting your hand inside a Pringles can is like placing your hand inside quicksand, a Chinese finger trap or a snake hole. It's always uncomfortable and sometimes impossible to pull your hand out without serious injury. And the worst part is you never grab enough chips! No more. Jason Poel Smith of DIYHacksAndHowTos created a Pringles can that makes it easy to get chips.

Smith uses the iconic cylindrical Pringles can design to his advantage by creating a pulley system within the can. He carved a platform out of sheet metal for the Pringles chips to rest on, attaches thread to the base and the plastic cap and uses the Pringles can cap to pull all the chips up. You never have to scrape your knuckles for chips again. It's a wonderful remix on the frustratingly loveable Pringles can. It's also terribly sad that no one would ever bother to put in the work to make this can themselves.

Here's a cross section of how the system works:

When I was young, I always thought Pringles should just make caps on both ends to solve their hand trapping problem. Adopting Smith's solution would be a lot more fun (though also a lot more work). [DIY Hacks and How Tos via FoodBeast]

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