Aussies Still Leading The World In Game Of Thrones Piracy

The third season of Game Of Thrones kicked off over the Easter weekend, breaking the records for the largest audience ever… for a torrent. More than 160,000 simultaneous peers connected to popular torrents of the first episode, with Australia the most frequent pirating nation.

Torrentfreak reports on the exact spread of the first episode, noting that 163,088 clients were either seeding or downloading (or, obviously, both) the first episode, busting a record that had earlier been held by a Heroes season premiere, which notched up 144,663 peers. Australia had the highest per capita piracy rate, although we're number three worldwide for GoT piracy -- a factor, no doubt, of our relatively low population. For those who love a bit of city comparison, London tops the list with a 4.3% piracy rate, with Sydney and Melbourne sharing third place honours on 3%; the only other Australian city to make the top ten is Perth at ninth position with 1.5%. [Torrentfreak]


    Did the new episode even air on foxtel?

      It started last night on Foxtel. But it seems people are not willing to pay for Foxtel to watch it.

        I have Foxtel, but the channel that Game of Thrones is on is part of the Movies package (because that makes complete sense, doesn't it) and I'm not paying $35 a month for one fucking station. And the reason I would be paying $35 a month for one station is because I DON'T WANT THE MOVIE CHANNELS.

        HEY FOXTEL PERSON: I'm already paying a subscription, I'm already purchasing new movies via the ON DEMAND service. Why would I also, on top of this, want more movies?? I don't. But I want Showcase...

        You are one of the major reasons people are pirating. The Showtime channel in the movies package is a complete wrought, and I have absolutely no sympathy over the piracy because of this.

          Yeah, I only just cancelled Foxtel a few weeks ago based on the cost alone.

          Could not agree more, already paying $70 a month for the privilege to watch AFL and looked at what was involved to also watch GoT and was shocked to find it was $50 more a *month* for one show in HD.

          Will be buying the season Blu-Ray, next year when it gets released.

            Haha. The Blu Ray will be cheaper than 2 months of Foxtel for you that wont even cover the whole season... It will probably air over 3-4 months.

            Not to mention you're paying for more ads. You'd think with paying for a TV service they'd relinquish ads.

              There are no ads on during Showcase episodes, but its still a valid point for the rest of Foxtel's programming.

              If you want to get your money's worth, I believe the idea is to bundle it with a cable package. It lowers the cost of both services, and supplies perks too. Free On Demand movies, Unmetered usage when downloading Catch Up Movies etc.

              But obviously they're both premium services, and it's still going to cost a large amount.

          Foxtel is the reason I pirate some TV. They keep taking channels away and raising the price. Fuck them.

          Last edited 02/04/13 12:26 pm

        Foxtel is an utter rip-off. Especially their new channel re-designs. I had it for a couple of months then got sick of the stupid ads and the constant re-runs, I swear I saw Harry Potter 6 shown at least 3 times in about 2 days. Lack of options forces me to pirate and later buy the whole season when released on blu-ray.

        Last edited 04/04/13 5:59 am

          The way they cycle their movies channels means they play a selection of movies for a week, and then add some/remove some as it goes on. So popular movies might stick around, and get played Friday and Sunday night for example the first week, and then repeatedly at different times throughout the weekdays. It means you see a lot of the same movies in any given week, and they premiere new movies come the weekend.

          I hope my explanation makes sense. This is just what I've noticed with their movie programming. It's not a bad system if you watch TV around the same time throughout the week. i.e. if they play HP6 on Monday at 8pm, it's not going to be shown at Tues/Wed/Thurs at 8pm.

          You sound like you were watching too much TV over those 2 days anyway.

          Last edited 04/04/13 8:33 am

      It was only 2 hours behind the US airing.

        In those two hours i had already watched it.

    I think it makes it to Foxtel the following Sunday. So a week later, and a few days after that you can then legally download it on iTunes etc. They just need to wake up a realise due to the internet the world isn't regional anymore. There's no reason at all why HBO couldn't sell it to us digitally and make money. It's just they can make more money by selling exclusive rights to Foxtel first.

      Foxtel aired it 2 hours after it aired in the US, and aired it every 2 hours after that for a total of 4 times.

      And there's no reason at all why HBO should sell us the digital rights in competition with Foxtel. It would be a terrible business decision to try to circumvent their only customer in the region.

        Sorry I was going on how it was last season.

        Based on other comments it looks like its going up iTunes around 2:00am on Monday mornings this season so I'll purchase it there. This is much improved from the situation last year where it was as full 7 days late.

          2am Monday will make it BEFORE the US air time, unless you are talking about the following Monday i.e. almost a week after US air time?

            Was just referring to @mdolley comment below. who mentioned 2:00am Monday morning. Either way it's in the iTunes store now so its happened at least within 24 hours so it's much improved from last year.

              Apparently it was up at around 2:00am, so I might get a season pass and watch it Tuesday mornings.

              I meant 2:00am today. If it becomes available at 2:00am every Tuesday morning then I can watch it before work on Tuesday.

                Wait. Just realised I'm confused by the fact today is Tuesday yet I think it's Monday lol. I think Tuesday morning is still acceptable. If it's within 24 hours I'll accept it.

    Yeah, well I ditched (Austar/Foxtel) around a year ago, so even if they air it, I won't see it on (Freeview/it's always been free)..!
    Piracy is the new Freeview!!

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      HBO should release their own torrent at the same time the show airs, chuck in a couple of minutes of ads and bam. 1m views with ad profit. Or, release a 15$ a month GoT subscription to stream. Or $3 per episode download. All available when the show airs on TV.

    Not sure how many others wait, but I'll wait until S3 comes to blu-ray. Just finished watching S2 over the weekend and it means another year in waiting. :)

    That said, have read the books so no surprises :)

      There's plenty of surprises in the series for those that have read the books. They normally go something like "Wow, I'm surprised they left that character/plot line out..."

      well you might be surprised when you see Tyrion killed in the first episode.

    Its not piracy, we're merely watching something which exists. Nobody is stealing treasure chests of Game Of Thrones DVDs and selling them in other lands for profit.

    Had it an hour before the Foxtel fast track screening at 4:30pm... Not via torrent though...


      oooh look everyone, he knows the great secret of usenet! look, look everyone!.

      see, no one cares.

    I really wanted to see what the deal with iTunes was. Apparently it was up at around 2:00am, so I might get a season pass and watch it Tuesday mornings.

    this is the first time i havent "aquired" it through other means.

    IQ records it and by the time i am home its ready to go in HD. if other shows continue to do this I see no need to "acquire"

      You know, Foxtel IQ isn't fancy, our LG TV does this without the need of paying an extra service. Not that I'd ever consider foxtel anyway

        Your LG TV cant record GoT..

          His LG TV doesn't cost $100 a month for loud ads and constant repeats...

    Or if you do want to pay for it, just buy the Season pass on iTunes for $33.99 for HD or $3.49 per episode. Comes out the next day but hell of a lot cheaper than Foxtel.

      I would so love to do this but iTunes DRM doesn't work in Plex or XBMC. If Apple would do something about that, I'd get a season pass to everything I watched and just have the 1080 version auto download. As it stands now, I get the Web-DLs of things I want to watch and then buy the season when it (finally) comes out on BluRay.

        Are these season passes of things you get to keep? If so it shouldn't have DRM, if it's like their rental service where it disappears after x amount of hours, fair enough I guess then.

          I think TV show and movie purchases still have DRM via iTunes. It's only music that is now DRM free.

          It has to be played via an Apple authorised player which basically means iTunes or an Apple device. Same way Xbox Video works like the Xbox 360. So an Apple TV would be great for buying from Apple. But if someone already has other equipment and they don't want to buy an Apple TV (or a Xbox 360 if it was available on Xbox Video) it isn't as helpful

            Ah right, cheers! I didn't know that. I've gotten plenty of DRM free iTunes TV Shows & Movies before, but they weren't from Apple so yeah, heh.

              Also, if you purchase the season pass from iTunes, it streams it to you. It doesn't download and store. So if you want to watch again later, it will re-stream - could be an issue if you have crappy internet. I'm pretty happy with this, but I already have an AppleTV (running XBMC) so it's not an issue. I can see that it would be a hassle if you didn't have AppleTV as then you'd have to purchase one.

                That's also cool. I'm not much of one to buy from iTunes other than the occasional song I can't get on physical media. I wouldn't mind an Apple TV though or similar. I might just fix that soon.

                  I guess if you're comparing the cost of an Apple TV ($100) and a season pass (think it was about $40) to the cost of an ongoing subscription to foxtel it would be cheaper. Also, iTunes has current season of Walking Dead with the same deal (couple of days delayed). Unfortunately, you can't load XBMC on current model ATV, you need a gen 2 for that. You can pick up an ATV2 on eBay for $300-400, but really you'd be better of buying a current gen for iTunes and using something cheaper for XBMC. Interesting economics that people are selling the old version of ATV (with lower specs) for multiples of the current one just because you can jailbreak it and load XBMC.

                  Last edited 04/04/13 8:05 am

    i have foxtel/austar, yet i still downloaded it once it come out online. The reason being i didnt want to wait 2 hours to watch it when it come out over here. Plus i like watching my shows when i feel like it and not when Foxtell choose to put it on. So ill admit i still downloaded it even thou foxtel had it on same day.

    Anyone notice if Foxtel is censoring these new Thrones eps? Saw an older episode on SoHo the other day and it had been noticeably altered.

      Can't you record with Foxtel and save it for later? If so i'm not understanding your point here =/

        Lol thought you were replying to my post.

        Anywho, to answer your question to the above post: Foxtel charge an extra $10 for the privilege of recording and besides plenty of people don't even have IQ. Either way the ability to record isn't universal across customers.

          In fact almost all customers have recording capability now. Have done for years.

            In fact, a good proportion of customers don't have that capability - whether that is because they don't want to pay extra per month to have that feature made available or have a non Iq set-top box (which Foxtel still offer).

            Bottom line there are foxtel customers who can't record programs - a point I was making to clear up the confusion around @Shijika's comment.

              A good proportion doesn't mean anything without context. No, not every single customer has recording capability, that much is true.

              But the overwhelming majority do. That is an undeniable fact.

                What about the context I provided? Given those scenarios it's not an unreasonable assumption that a significant chunk of Foxtel customers still can't record programs.

                Are you privy to any other data that may enlighten us and back up your "undeniable fact"? If not, what are you basing your assumption on?

                Regardless, the point I was making was that such customers exist and the potential reasons.

      Altered? In what way? I haven't noticed anything as yet...

      I've noticed the Spartacus series has been absolutely butchered. I choose to acquire it alternatively; I don't need my entertainment censored thank you very much CB.

        Have noticed in some of bedroom scenes. As Thrones gets an R rating here, I was curious to see if Foxtel is censoring/editing the new episodes to conform to an MA rating. As far as I know, with the exception of World Movies, there is no R rated content on the foxtel movie Channels (any R rated movie is edited and listed as MA).

        Also seen it on plenty of (originally) R rated movies on the movie channels.

          I'm re-watching GOT S01 on Foxtel atm (recorded from the marathon) and haven't noticed any gore or tna missing. Danaerys got plowed as per normal, all the throats ripped out, etc...

          GoT isnt censored when shown on Showcase. As is the same for Sons of Anarchy etc. But it may have been censored for SoHo. Im sure they have different guidelines.

    Here's another way to look at it: If everyone is downloading it then there is a reduced demand on the hand-rolled-local-market-inkjet-printed DVD sales which according to the opening trailer on most DVDs now (No, I wouldn't steal a car, but I'd sure as heck download one if I could) helps to fund organised crime.

    In other words - Downloading helps to fight crime... Yeah!

    I bought the season pass on iTunes, but still downloaded it via torrent early as I didn't want to wait the extra day for it to come out on iTunes. I'll buy the blu ray when it comes out too, so I have no qualms in downloading a torrent of a show I have (& will) pay for numerous versions of over the next year.

      You bought the season pass, and you're going to buy it on blu ray as well? That's a bit of a waste of money.

    I looked for a way to legally purchase it for playback on my media centre PC. Couldn't find one.

    Foxtel isn't available to me.

    iTunes won't sell videos to playback on Linux (or anything outside of iDevices for that matter).

    When these services realise that the likes of The Pirate Bay are actually their competition, not just an illegal outlet, they might start innovating and providing competing services.

      Really? I find that hard to believe, Foxtel/Austar is available to pretty much everyone and anyone in Australia.

        Nope. My landlord wouldn't let me get it installed.

          So, it is available, just circumstantially you choose not to have it. Very different things.

          Also, "landlord won't let me" has stopped about three people from having a service installed. Ever.

            I didn't choose anything. It's not available in my house. There no other way around that. Any suggestion of getting it installed without the landlords permission would be illegal.

              I do believe Cameron has it right here, if your landlord refuses to give you permission to have holes drilled in your roof to install the satellite dish required for Foxtel, there's not much you can do without risking your tenancy. I'm not even allowed to put picture hooks up in my house without asking first... landlords can be ass'.
              My point is, you can't just say carte blanche that everyone has access to pay tv. Yes, the majority of Australians can have it, if they can afford and wish to pay the exorbitant fees associated with the service. Not everyone has that luxury, and even if they do they may have other priorities.
              I torrent all my shows as they air in the US, I very rarely watch my own tv anymore as my kids are generally using it for either their shows, their dvd's or the PS3. But those shows that I really enjoy, I buy on blu-ray once the prices come down.
              As a single parent of 3 I can't afford to pay what foxtel asks just to see shows that I can otherwise download at my own leisure.

              You chose to live there...

                No, I didn't chose anything. I applied for every house I visited. I moved in to the first house that accepted my application. There is no choice when renting, only hoping.

        I live in an area without cable either, so no foxtel or cable internet. And no, I don't live in a regional area, it's just our street was left out of the cabling plans and Telstra can't/won't put them in because of cost. Glen Waverley, VIC if you were wondering.

          Foxtel via satellite has been available for over 10 years...

    I did it, started my torrent 20mins after release about 5pm?
    There were three versions uploaded, the regular and two 720p (one being a repack of the 720p as there was a visual error) got them all. Watched it last night with friends over had take away might make it an ongoing occasion!

      I found a lifehacker article on fixing audio sync in VLC (I didn't wait for the repack 720).

    I recorded the 4.20pm version on foxtel and still downloaded it.

    I actually watched the downloaded one, because I don't have foxtel on the TV I wanted to watch it on. I don't want to pay an extra few hundred bucks a year for a third connection to watch a couple of shows on.

    But what about Doctor Who!?!
    How far behind are we with that and is it worth torrenting/usenet this?

      It's aired on free to air about 12 hours after it airs in the UK.

        awesome, usually watch it with my little girl with iview on the ps3

          Yeah, it's great. It's good to see the ABC doing that. If only we could get that with Top Gear and that SBS had the rights to it back =/

      It's on ABC iView an hour or two after it screen in the UK

    Watched it at 4.20pm yesterday on Foxtel, it actually airs 1hour and 20mins after it begins airing in the US, so essentially only about 25 mins after it finishes airing in the US. That must be a record for Australian television. At just 1hour and 20mins, in full HD, I do not see the point in downloading it from a torrent it, unless you wish to not pay for it, in which case, you suck.

    I do not mind paying for quality television, Foxtel does suck, way too many repeats, and not enough good stuff, I might watch Foxtel a few hours a week max, but my father in law watches it, and I pay for it as well as internet instead of rent.

      We actually got some of Season 8 of SG1 before America, and that was on channel 7. So no record there.

    We should rename Australia the "Iron Island" ... kind of apt since we stole the land and the iron and gold minerals in the first place and then claimed it all as our own ... piracy and pillaging ... seems about right.

    Everyone knows this is because the only alternative it is to pay for austar.. Breaking bad for example hasn't even aired in Aus yet has it ? I buy the dvds and blu rays for re watch value but Im not waiting a whole 12 months for it to be released to watch it when I can download it the night it airs in the US

      Actually, it has, it has aired on Foxtel a few weeks after the US (hopefully this year it will be hours after the US), and it is also on ABC 2, although it is a whole season behind.

        Oh fair enough , I have never seen an add because I don't watch ABC 2 very often, Wouldn't want to be a season behind currently also.
        I don't really ever think I will pay for Foxtel either as most of it is crap.

    Yarr harr fiddle dee dee, do what you want cause a pirate is free!, Australia are pirates!

    i am happy :)

    Nice to see we're keeping up appearances. After all, we are the land of convicts.

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