Aussies Still Leading The World In Game Of Thrones Piracy

The third season of Game Of Thrones kicked off over the Easter weekend, breaking the records for the largest audience ever… for a torrent. More than 160,000 simultaneous peers connected to popular torrents of the first episode, with Australia the most frequent pirating nation.

Torrentfreak reports on the exact spread of the first episode, noting that 163,088 clients were either seeding or downloading (or, obviously, both) the first episode, busting a record that had earlier been held by a Heroes season premiere, which notched up 144,663 peers. Australia had the highest per capita piracy rate, although we’re number three worldwide for GoT piracy — a factor, no doubt, of our relatively low population. For those who love a bit of city comparison, London tops the list with a 4.3% piracy rate, with Sydney and Melbourne sharing third place honours on 3%; the only other Australian city to make the top ten is Perth at ninth position with 1.5%.