Aussie Tilt-Shift Time-Lapse Video Makes Melbourne The Cutest City Of All

If there's any photography effect that's more fun to look at than the time-lapse, it's tilt-shift photography, the camera trick that makes a normal real-life scene look like it's actually built out of miniatures. But the coolest effect is a mix of the two, like in this tilt-shift time-lapse of Melbourne, Australia, by Nathan Kaso.

The piece took 10 months to make, and includes scenes from festivals, parades, fireworks displays and everyday life in Melbourne. [design you trust]


    Most of it was done well, some was awful. But for me at least, tilt-shift got old well before this project even started, so I found it uninspired overall.

      And that is why you are dead, Zombie Jesus: A hipster response devoid of emotion concerned with your opinion.

      I liked it, and suspect many of the living would too. It made me smile.

        I know it's an unpopular view, but I have to agree with ZJ. Each to their own I suppose.

      thanks for coming

      Last edited 27/04/13 11:17 am

      Good for you, mate. But many of us haven't seen this technique before. Personally, I could watch it for hours.

      So how is this done?

    I thought it was very well done and wondered what the time lapse frame rate was. Good share Giz.

      Me Too! he was using all different frame rates in his time lapses. I like it

    now i miss Melbourne :(
    pretty douchey comment above.

      Don't miss it too much. The artist hasn't managed to capture the "cold" in his work too well!

      That feeling goes away after five or six minutes there. ;)

      I'll be submit all future opinions to the 'does os7 approve' process. I'm sure Your Highness will forgive my oversight on this matter =)

        not necessary. just try to not to write too many "i was into it before it was popular" comments

          I was never into it. I've just seen so many videos all trying to cash in on the tilt-shift technique now that I'm over it. There was a period a year or two ago when tilt-shift was all over the place. It's kinda like hearing a joke too many times, eventually you just end up not liking the joke any more.

            'trying to cash in' by putting all this effort into the video to put it online for free, yeah nice one.

            and to go with your metaphor, If you don't like the joke any more, maybe you should try looking into different ones, cause from here you're the guy who not only overtly tries to dislike things but actively searches for people enjoying it just so you can let them know how you were already into it a year or two ago.

              You like reading a lot into things, don't you. I just said I don't like it, and I'm over it. Nothing more than that. Keep it simple, champ.

    This guy must have some friends in pretty high places ;)

    I liked it. I thought it was really cute. Unlike some people who are too cool for school here, you know who you are, I'm kinda new to this idea of tilt shifting and I'm sure a lot of others who watch this video will be too. Thanks for sharing this video Giz!

    Nice work as a ten month project in four odd minutes nice.....
    I really want a 17mmT/S for my camera......but then like said above I need to know people in high places.

    I really liked this, thanks so much

    Glorious work.

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