Anyone Want A Cardboard Boombox?

In technology terms, the Boombox is about as '80s as you can get. That hasn't stopped a lot of firms developing Boombox-style speaker docks, but many of those models are, like the classic Boombox, rather heavy. The Berlin BoomBox is nicely lightweight, but it's not without its problems.

AkihabaraNews reports on the Berlin Boombox, an iPhone speaker dock that dodges the weight issue by being made entirely out of cardboard. An interesting solution to a thirty year old problem, although it does introduce an entirely new one. Boomboxes aren't for the introverted; they're all about being brash, loud and offensive on a truly public scale. The Berlin Boombox only rocks with 2 measly 5W speakers, meaning that you won't be blasting dad out of your room with it any time soon.


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