An Iranian Scientist Has Invented A Time Machine (So He Says)

Ali Razeghi, an Iranian scientist who is the managing director of Iran's Centre for Strategic Inventions, has done something only the great Doc Brown has done: he's created a time machine. But unlike Doc's DeLorean, Razeghi's "The Aryayek Time travelling Machine" can only take you to the future. What are we waiting for? Let's go!

Well, unfortunately, Razeghi's time machine can't actually even take you to the future. Instead, it brings the future to you. Razeghi says that using complex algorithms his Aryayek Time travelling Machine can "predict five to eight years of the future life of any individual, with 98 per cent accuracy".


"My invention easily fits into the size of a personal computer case and can predict details of the next 5-8 years of the life of its users. It will not take you into the future, it will bring the future to you."

That sounds a lot like fortune telling, tarot card reading and staring into a crystal ball inside a laptop bag to me. Like hey, in the future you will breathe air. In the future, you will eat food. In the future, you will probably work. You'll probably get drunk. You might have bad sex. In the future, you will eventually die. What a time machine! (Note: My reservations about this time machine doesn't mean I wouldn't try it out, though)

Razeghi, who's only 27 years old, has actually invented 179 other inventions in his young life. This particular time machine has been a project of his for the past 10 years. Which if true, we're trusting the work of a 17-year-old kid. Whatever. I'm still down with it. Sadly, Razeghi won't be releasing a prototype of his time machine anytime soon. He says:

"The reason that we are not launching our prototype at this stage is that the Chinese will steal the idea and produce it in millions overnight."

I guess his time machine told him that. [Telegraph]

Image by Image Editor under Creative Commons license

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    i already have a time machine
    all i have to do is wait and i travel to the future
    i may even be able to travel from my starting point in 1977 (when i created the time machine)
    make it 100 years in the future.
    sure its slow and not as fancy as a delorean but it uses less fuel and
    like the delorean doesnt need roads

      Is that one of those new fangled ones that take you into the future at the rate of 1 second per second? WOW!!! :D

        At the incredible rate of 60 seconds... per minute!

          Thats like.....carry the 1...BODMAS.......60 minutes per hour!

            Man, this means that in a close future we would be able to make jumps into the future at the speed of 24h per day... wow ... this is incredible ... ground breaking researchs ... lets pray for the fabric of space time, i hope they dont rip it...

      Your time machine seems smiler to mine, except mine is alcohol powered. Fuel it up and soon you will be in the future with no idea on how you got there.

      I am traveling in a time machine at this very moment! On a spaceship called planet Earth!

      this reminds me of that cartoon network show

      the one with the sheep as the maincharacter, segments with the military characters: Private Public and General Specific
      There was one episode where they built a time machine out of a bicycle that could take them into the future by 2 seconds. All you have to do is get on....and pedal for 2 seconds

    Yay, astrology has finally gone digital.
    Now we can get our "stars" read out with digital clarity.

      Only in SD. the HD version won't be out until 2027

        SD predictions are more than any household will ever need.

          We think the HD astrology plan is unnecessary and excessively costly. That's why we will deliver a better astrology plan at SD quality, faster and better than this Iranian can. I'm not an astrology expert, but I'm well educated enough to know that you can't predict the future of astrolo... Oh, wait.

          Last edited 11/04/13 5:36 pm

    I can predict the future.* Ask me any math equation and I can tell you what the answer will be in 5-10 years from now.

    Is he, by any chance, a Professor?

      Also, must be a quantum computer to be so small.

      I was thinking of that video when I saw the article ha!

    It's annoying when scientists discover something so mind blowing that they completely hide it away from the public.... not even a video or photo.

    Here's me thinking the time machine had already been invented, I call it a watch though.

    What utter bullshit. We all know that Kim Jong-Il invented time machines. Could take you anywhere in the future or the past, without negative effects.

    (Unofficial documents state that this machine was used to get 11 holes in one. He'd shoot, miss, go back in time, shoot again and keep going until he got it. The ones where he didn't get an ace were to let people know that he's human. But these are unofficial reports).

    Come to think of it, he's a bit like Emperor Pilaf..

    What is this? A time machine for ants?? Its going to need to be at least.... 3 times this size

    I wonder if Iran will be better at Photoshopping fighter planes in 5 years time...

    I travel to the future everyday. My time machine slightly suck it took time to travel. it will take me 8 months and 19 days to travel to enjoy another new year. : (

    What is the picture of Large Hadron Collider doing in this article?

    If you look carefully at the picture you will see Doc Browns stolen Flux capacitor at the centre of this machine.

    In one alternate past you cant possibly be aware of, the Libyan terrorist shot doc brown (without his bulletproof vest) and took off with the Delorian.

    The only thing this Iranian did was built a machine to generate 1.21 Gigawatts of electricity after he traded the Delorian with the Libyan for 3 shipping containers full of dried figs.

    Surely if this guy wants to prove his time machine works he should be making some easily verifiable predictions right now? After all we'll have to wait a while to see if they actually come true.

    Also: The Large Hadron Collider! Use a picture of this for any sciency-timey-wimey storeys where you don't have an actual related picture! :P

      Actually - that's the problem. Without disparaging genuine Chinese initiative and technical prowess in professional endeavours...
      Many smaller Chinese rural / 'cottage' manufacturers often have no idea what's actually inside the gadget they are making - so if it looks the part, that's close enough.
      Expect low-cost 'Lug-Hadlon Coriders' to frud the mukket vely soon.

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