Amazon App Store Finally Opening To Australians

Amazon App Store Finally Opening To Australians

Tired of the Google Play Store? Then good news! The Amazon Appstore is finally coming to Australia. Here’s how and when you can get it.

The great news about this is that — as Angus points out over at Lifehacker — it’s going to open up a new avenue for developers to sell their apps and for smartphone users to get cheaper apps via a new platform.

Amazon announced international expansion plans for the Appstore in 200 countries, including Australia, adding that the store would roll-out here in the coming months. To get access to the Amazon Appstore, you’ll need to side-load the necessary software onto your smartphone or tablet.

The opening of the Amazon Appstore to Aussies means that Kindle Fire owners will get more value out of their devices now, as previously app purchases had been blocked to Australian-registered credit cards.

We’ll keep you updated as to exactly when the Amazon Appstore is coming in the next few weeks.