34 Hyperrealistic Paintings You’ll Swear Are Photographs

34 Hyperrealistic Paintings You’ll Swear Are Photographs

As you scroll through these 40 exquisite hyperrealistic paintings, something strange will happen. You’ll start doubting your eyes, then your brain, then these images. You’ll become convinced that at least a few of them are photographs and not acrylic paint. They have to be.

But you know what? You’ll be wrong.

Top picture: Marilyn Minter: Bazooka. 2009, enamel on metal.

Denis Peterson: Off the Track. Urethanes on wood panel.

Méhes László: Lukewarm water I. 1970, Acrylic on canvas.

Robert Bechtle: Berkeley Pinto (John De Andrea and his Family next to Bechtles Car). 1976, oil on canvas.

Gérard Gasiorowski: The approach. That’s me, who needs to make enormous efforts to keep himself on the surface of things. 1970, oil on canvas.

Don Eddy: Untitled (Volkswagen). 1971, acryl on canvas.

Malcolm Morley: Portrait of Esses in Central Park. 1969-1970, liquitex on canvas.

Tom Blackwell: Gap Outlet, Waterside Shops, Naples, FL. 2004, oil on canvas.

Tjalf Sparnaay: Supersandwich!! 2013, oil on linen

Anthony Brunelli: Monument Square (Troy). 1997, oil on linen.

Peter Maier: 1908 Indian Racer. 2005.

Allan Gorman: Macho Dream. 2013, oil on canvas.

Richard Heisler: Shinjuku Sunset II (100 Views of Tokyo). 2010, oil on linen.

Charles Hartley: Bahama Surf. 2012, oil on Polyester.

Chris Jenkinson: Good Morning America. 2008, oil on board.

Matteo Mezzetta: Dj #2. 2010, oil on canvas.

Jerry Ott: Pretty Picture #1. 2011, acrylic on panel.

Hilo Chen: Beach 125. 1996.

Clive Head: 42nd Street, Sunday Morning. 2001, oil on linen.

Ron Kleemann: Red Bull Sitting. 2011, oil on canvas.

Richard McLean: Lynne’s Brymar Shantytown. 1991, oil on linen.

Bertrand Meniel: Breakfast at the Fairmont. 2009, acrylic on linen.

David Parrish: Midway. 2007, oil on canvas.

Richard Estes: The Plaza. 1991, oil on canvas.

John Salt: Blue Mobile Home. 1992-93, oil on linen.

Audrey Flack: Shiva Blue. 1973, oil over acrylic on canvas.

Ben Schonzeit: Hot Peppers. 2011, acrylic on polyester.

Raphaella Spence: Empire State. 2012, oil on canvas.

Robert Gniewek: Rosie’s Diner #10. 2011, oil on canvas.

Ralph Goings: Miss Albany Diner. 1993, oil on linen.

Luigi Benedicenti: Autunno 2. 2011 , oil on panel.

Sharon Moody: The Amazon Tricks Me. 2012 , oil on panel.

Hubert De Lartigue: Sushi. 2010 , acrylic on canvas.

Juan Cossio: Fortune’s Wheel. 2012, acrylic on panel.