Your Baby Deserves A Luxurious Leather Carseat With A Sippy Cup Holder

Nothing is too good for your first-born child. From a $US3000 Aston Martin-branded stroller, to this hand-cut and hand-sewn leather car seat from Maxi-Cosi that will set you back $US875. A princely sum that would otherwise sound ridiculous were it not for the adorable tiny integrated cup holder.

Why have child carseat makers not realised that babies need hydration too? And the reason they're prone to just throwing or dropping their sippy cups is most likely due to a lack of cup holders. In hindsight, I realised I've dropped many a Big Gulp on the floor of my car when the cup holders are all full.

Conveniences aside, the Pria 70 Leather Edition also boasts a strong internal truss system that promises to absorb forces in the event of a crash, and a set of air bags on either side that deflate with pressure to better help cushion your wee one. [Maxi-Cosi]

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