You Really Should Watch This Aerobatic RC Plane Competition

Make anything remote-controlled and it's automatically more awesome by a factor of eleventy-billion. But if you're able to do something clever with said thing like, say, performing mesmerising aerobatic stunts that appear to defy physics, measuring the coolness level becomes an impossible task.

The clip above, showing one competitor manipulating his lightweight craft through various manoeuvres, including barrel rolls, loops and dives (some extremely close calls, too), was taken by one Mark Barnes at this year's Electric Indoors Masters, held at the Richard Dunn Sports Centre in Bradford, UK.

I say "competition" in the headline because this isn't the only video that was captured by Barnes during EIM 2013. If you hit up his YouTube channel, you'll find a bunch more recordings, which you may view in the privacy of your own aerodrome.


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