Will The ABC Show Doctor Who On March 31?

TVTonight reports that the good Doctor (and new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman) could well fill a Sunday night slot in the ABC’s upcoming schedule, around 12 hours after the UK broadcast.

If accurate — and it’s always possible that the TBA section in the ABC’s schedule could be filled by Dad’s Army reruns or similar — then it would follow up last year’s run of iView episodes shown directly after UK airings, although there’s no word if the ABC would also do that for those with very little patience when it comes to Doctor Who. Like, for example, me.

Look, I know there are those who are going to pirate it in any case, because it’s rusted onto you or something similar, or those who will complain that it’s not going out live as live can be, but realistically this is a win situation if it leads to better Who ratings for the ABC.

iView remains a good platform for those who would want to watch in near real-time (I’m in that group, no doubt), and it makes scheduling sense for it to be presented in front of as many total eyeballs as possible, which an evening slot would facilitate. Either way, the end of the month just got a whole lot more interesting. [TV Tonight]