Which Side Of This Picture Is Real And Which Side Is CGI?

Which Side Of This Picture Is Real And Which Side Is CGI?

One side of this picture is a real photograph, the other side is CGI. With CGI getting better and better, it’s almost becoming undistinguishable with real life. Which side do you think is real? The right or the left?

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The light seems brighter on the right side, but the features sort of look slightly digitalised. The left side better captures “life” without adding too much sheen. The image was made by the KeyShot program by Luxion, and Wired talks about how digital renderings have become increasingly popular in product photos (all of Microsoft Surface’s marketing campaign was done in KeyShot for example).

After seeing how many different products use KeyShot — cars, cameras, clothes, LEGO — it’s pretty much guaranteed that we’ve seen digital renderings thinking they were actual photographs. Seeing the two face picture above, it’s easy to see why.

Read all about KeyShot and how it’s taking over the world at WIRED. You won’t see a fingerprint or a speck of dust in KeyShot’s photos.

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