What 1988 Los Angeles Thought It'd Look Like In 2013

Everybody always imagines the future looking way cooler than it actually does. The Los Angeles Times just re-proved the point by republishing a 1988 issue in which it made a slew of guesses about 2013. Some of them were right, but unfortunately cars still don't look that cool.

The issue is chock full of general and LA-specific predictions, of varying accuracy. The Atlantic summarised a few of the noteworthy ones, and among the Time's correct premonitions were fibre internet, streaming video and collagen injections. Among the misses are barcoded, trackable cash, the end of toothbrushes thanks to "Denturinse", and something called "futura-rock". Maybe they meant dubstep?

You can read the whole issue in all of its 1988 glory over at the LA Times website and revel in that future we haven't gotten. Yet. [The Los Angeles Times via The Atlantic]

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