Turn Boring Stools Into A Pint-Sized Scooter With This Brilliant IKEA Hack

IKEA's furniture isn't just cheap and easy to transport, it's easy to hack too, with sites like IKEA Hackers showcasing some of the best modifications. But none can top this hack by Andreas Bhend and Samuel N. Bernier that converts a couple of Ikea Frosta stools into a pedal-less bike — or draisienne if you really want to get technical.

Sadly, while IKEA gives you most of the wooden parts you'll need, the hack does call for a few plastic pieces that were produced using a 3D printer. So unless you've got access to a decent manufacturing facility, you're still stuck with a couple of stools. But you can enjoy the Ikea-like instructions designed to complement this hack. That's a nice consolation prize, right?

[Instructables via Notcot]

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