This Grizzly Won't Eat You So Much As Carry Your Luggage

It's a long hike through difficult terrain out to your favourite hunting blind — a trek made worse when you have to lug the season's equipment and supplies along. But with this autonomous ATV from Cleartrail, you'll barely have to lift a trigger finger.

The Grizzly Robotic ATV measures 175cm x 128cm x 81cm and stands on 26-inch rims with nearly as much ground clearance as a Subaru Outback. The 657kg machine is powered by an array of marine-grade sealed lead-acid batteries with a combined 600Ah output. This allows the ROV to cruise over rugged landscapes for up to 12 hours or tow a 1320 pound load for up to three before requiring a 12-hour recharge.

The Grizzly is also laden with a variety of telemetry sensors and runs on the open source Robot Operating System. This awesome autonomous off-roader doesn't come with a price tag, only a quote request which means you'd better really hate carrying stuff to justify buying it.

[Clearpath via IEEE]

Picture: Clearpath

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