This Bombproof Watch Can Survive In C4 Explosions

If your job involves handling explosives, probably the last thing you're worried about is whether or not your watch can survive a blast that would leave you dead. But that didn't stop Kaventsmann from crafting this truly over-the-top timepiece that has been torture tested with 5kg of C4. The verdict: the crystal got scratched, but the watch kept on ticking.

The ideal accessory for demolition experts and bomb squad technicians, the Triggerfish Bronze A2 boasts an incredibly chunky 20mm thick case that's rated to 300 bar. So if you happen to fall into the ocean unconscious and sink, the watch will keep working to depths of almost 3000m.

Unfortunately, the Triggerfishes are all handcrafted by Michael Barahona Fernandez, so while they're built to last, only 30 of them will be produced. And you'll have to get used to having your name on a waiting list for a while if you actually want one.

[Kaventsmann (Facebook) via Gear Patrol]

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