The NBN Is Delayed

NBN Co has announced today that it is experiencing a three-month delay in its roll-out targets, meaning that you probably won't get the NBN when you thought you did.

The company rolling out the National Broadband Network has officially now scaled back its forecast construction timetable to reflect a three-month delay.

It had aimed to hit 341,000 premises by June 30, but now it expects to hit those three months after the fact.

That means that NBN Co now is aiming to pass between 190,000 and 220,000 homes and businesses by June 30 rather than the 341,000 it had aimed for.

The cause of the delay has been attributed to NBN Co's contract construction partners who have had trouble meeting their committments to the project.

NBN Co has now taken over management of the Northern Territory roll-out so that one of its construction partners, Syntheo, can focus on other sites.

NBN Co CEO Mike Quigley stressed today on a hastily organised conference call that it was a three-month delay in a decade-long roll-out, and added that it was a short-term issue that wouldn't affect either the cost or the overall completion date of the NBN.

Federal Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has shamed NBN Co's press announcement this afternoon, accusing the company of dumping negative news during a controversial leadership spill:

Quigley responded to that criticism however with this little gem:

I can assure you the events taking place today were no connection at all to what we were going through. There was enough rumours out there in the media that there shouldn't be any surprise.



    there is too much red tape and politics put into infrastructure like this
    compared to various other countries, china for one these things are setup much quicker, yes country areas are much slower but that is understandable (due to population size) but main cities are incredibly rapid same with the public transport systems
    it'll be more than likely 10-20 years before all the main cities areas get the nbn
    and a train system well that'll take at least 50 years

      A little research blows this myth away: The average speed in China in Sept 2012 was 2.6 Mbps, which is what I currently get living around 3.5km from an exchange in Brisbane, and that is slooow. (See
      So if you want a slow, outdated system, like China's, we could do nothing. I am in favor of internet infrastructure that looks to the future.
      Enough myths, more facts.

        I'm fairly sure he was talking construction speed, rather than internet speed. And in that respect, China shits all over us.

          Yeah incredibly obviously, surprised they missed that. Sometimes people just say what they want rather than actually reading the comment first lol.

          That said, do you have a few moments to talk about our lord and savior heyseus christ?

        China is pulling 10Gbps their fiber rollout is stupidly fast compared to ours, also the server map you referred to, the speed is measured on their end of line... they may have 2000+ devices each sharing bandwidth on that line but nope if they're all at 2.5Mbps not good enough? that's a management issue not representative of actual figures

    it shouldn't surprise any us that it is very far behind schedule...that is what he means yeah?

    But light at the end of the tunnel, I moved house and we now have Telstra Cable internet! wow this is fast!

    Turnbull is so meta, claiming a story being released to hide behind leadership woes and shows his own credentials for the Liberal leadership.

    3 months here and a couple months there all add up to years or extra costs...

    I want this to happen, but each time I join discussions here on the nbn posts I end up saying yes to nbn but why so expensive and why so long and get shot down...

      Because you never make a case why it should be cheaper or faster. You merely insist it should be so. That's not a debate. Its a baseless statement.

        So not even knowing if the benefits of the NBN will outweigh its $50bn + cost? Yeah that is baseless...

          but the question is do the benefits of NBN actually outweigh its cost?

          The coalition are saying no, they seem to be saying we can build something less fast for a lot less and get something half decent sooner. I don't know if that is good or the benefits of reduced cost and faster rollout will outweigh the slower speeds.

          BUT again I don't know and I don't personally believe spending $50billion + is worth it.
          I want to know if it is worth it, I want to know if people will use it. What could it be used for realistically? virtual doctor...I dunno?

          I want the Rolls Royce, the NBN, but wouldn't everyone want the Rolls Royce?
          But after thinking about it, they usually end up buying the Focus or the Cruze or the Toyota because they don't need the Rolls Royce or could never be able to afford the Rolls Royce - wouldn't ever dream of taking out a mortgage to buy it.

          Do we need it?

            This is like saying the government should stop paving roads and only construct dirt highways from now on because technically speaking, a lot of people don't need paved roads and dirt ones would suffice, but be slower.

            The NBN isn't being built so your average Joe can look up cat videos faster (Although thanks to the marvel of democracy it is how it will be sold). It's to enable small businesses to cost-effectively compete in the next-generation marketplace which we know will be utterly dominated by the Internet.

              That is not really a fair comparison.

              But you say It's to enable small businesses to cost-effectively compete in the next-generation marketplace which we know will be utterly dominated by the Internet.
              What does that mean though apart from sound good
              Does it mean they can load ebay faster? Can they run servers from the shop to host their online store? what will NBN provide to a cafe or a restaurant or even a retail store?

    Holy Cr*pballs, Turnbulls twitter is a nearly-constant whinge-b*tch about labor.

    I don't tolerate that kind of behaviour from friends... I barely even "look" at a twitter page, so I honestly hope that Turnbull is in the minority here for pollies.

      That's the oppositions entire purpose dude.. Perhaps learn how two party government works <3

        Oh, I know how it works.. Just by THUNDER I wish they'd grow up.

        I still remember '07, when Costello was complaining publicly that he wished that Labor would stop putting out anti-Liberal adverts. Then some smart reporter put together the amount of adverts that were anti-party in focus...

        Costello was the single worst offender of the campaign. God I hate this cr*p.

      I don't think you belong on the internet.

    "Federal Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull"

    I think you mean Federal Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull

      Maybe Giz is just making an early call for September's results.

        Maybe they've been nought out by Murdoch

    Theres a typo in your article. You said three months. I think you mean three years.

      What is the point of sh*t headed crap like this? Oh! I know, there is no point, just ignorant prejudice.

        Er.. You mean the comment or the article? What's the point of crapheads like you who use guest accounts so you'll never even know if someone replies and only seeds negativity..

    I've had with the incompetence of this government. Their inability to manage any kind of infrastructure project is proven beyond a doubt. A three month delay is unacceptable - the Coalition was able to not only delay the construction of an airport for 13 years, but actually leave development further behind than when they started.

    We can't leave it until September to get rid of these incompetent fools. Something has to be done now.

    Under Gillard, not a single major airline has collapsed, nor has the privatisation of a major telco been bungled. Where's the ripping of $6 billion dollars out of private and tertiary sector R&D, then 5 years later relenting and restoring half of what was taken away? There was a world-wide financial crisis, and what did these idiots do? They left us better off than when it started. They can't even generate a 6-month delay on a multi-billion dollar impost on carbon-intensive vehicles via a fuel tax (at least they had the decency to claim they wouldn't introduce one before they got elected).

    3-month delay? Get rid of 'em. I've had it with being screwed by talented amateurs - I want to see other people get screwed by professionals while my security as a white male is protected and valued as it should be.

    Nice of you to promote Malcolm Turnbull to the government front bench. Give it 6 months and he will be Federal Communications Minister. Why is anyone surprised this charade is late and over budget. They could throw another $40 billion dollars down this black hole, and it would still be late. Sigh. But its only our money, isn't it. Another union Shangri-La. At least they got $15,000 dollars worth of coffee to sip on while they wait for another hole to be dug.

    Stephen Conroy is the Comms Minister.... Turnbull would be the SHADOW. Please fix your article.

    Doesn't Quigley look like Lex Luthor ?

    Captain NBN and Lex Luthor.

    The Australian Government couldn't organize a fuck in a brothel.
    (Scuse' my French ladies)

    Last edited 22/03/13 3:03 am

      Well, ordinarily they could. I believe the minister for that had to resign.

    3 Month delay is nothing compared to a Barnett promise .. Ellenbrook Railway anyone? (this is the guy Abbott wasn't to model himself on). Please roll out the NBN into my suburb before the Mad Monk is in and Turnbull turns the internet into a pair of tin cans and a string.

    With a number of regional Queenslanders having to travel significant distances for specialist healthcare, the research highlights how access to fast broadband and telehealth services (such as GP video conferencing and in-home monitoring for the elderly) can help time-poor Aussies manage family health from home

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