The Light-Filled Louver House Is Not A Barn

The Louver House is situated on the edge of an agricultural reserve in Long Island. Sheathed in a skin of slatted louvers that flood the place with natural light, it's supposed to capture the feeling of a traditional barn, although barn it is not.

The shutter-like material that makes up the exterior of the home is interesting, and it makes for an open, airy inside. Leroy Street Studio, the architecture firm behind the Louver House, followed through quite nicely on the whole barn theme without actually bringing in animals and straw. It feels homey and airy. The main space is a wide-open living room that flows into the kitchen and dining areas and has a big grey stone fireplace on the end. Beyond that is a screen porch. Above is lofted mezzanine, which in keeping with the barn theme, might remind you of a hay loft. It connects to a rooftop garden and a study nook hidden back in the rafters. The only thing missing is the livestock. [Leroy Street Studios via Inhabitat]

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