The Best Streaming Gadgets

The Best Streaming Gadgets

TV is no longer about passively sitting and waiting for the TV networks to send programs over the airwaves. We’ve shown you the best social TV apps and legal streaming services, but which devices should you pop underneath your telly to make it all happen?

Most streaming services will send to a PC, but that can be an uncomfortable and rather anti-social way to watch TV and movies. A simple set top box can solve that issue, turning your TV into a fully fledged entertainment portal.

Apple TV

It’s the product that Apple spends the least amount marketing, but it’s also an elegant way to access iTunes for movie rentals and purchases, as well as Airplay streaming from iOS and Mac OS devices. Pick up anything but the third generation Apple TV and a world of jailbreaking options including XMBC open up as well.

Sony Internet Player with Google TV

not-always-brilliant Internet Player device

Belkin TVPlus

Belkin’s $199.95 TVPlus


Western Digital’s WDTV Live

Boxee Box

Boxee’s streaming box offers up a unique design — that probably won’t fit into your home AV cabinet, but does make a nice talking point if abstract design is your thing.

Xbox 360

Your streaming solution doesn’t have to just be a video player; Microsoft’s Xbox 360 will attach to DLNA sources for video streaming with a limited range of supported formats, as well as Microsoft’s own rental TV and movie services.

Playstation 3

Sony’s Playstation 3

Raspberry Pi

matched with XBMC

Smart TVs

Smart TVs

Telstra T-Box

Telstra’s T-Box is about as simple as a home streaming box can get

Fetch TV

Fetch’s services are offered via IPTV

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