Thank Giz It’s Friday: The Best (Or Is It The Worst?) Of The Asylum’s Mockbusters

Thank Giz It’s Friday: The Best (Or Is It The Worst?) Of The Asylum’s Mockbusters

I love a good mockbuster, but naturally there’s no such thing in existence. Mockbusters by their nature are designed to make you think you’re watching an A-Grade Hollywood blockbuster when you’re actually watching Z-Grade material.

Still, the Mockbuster has its charms if you know what you’re getting. Nobody does Mockbusters quite like the Asylum, both in terms of sheer gall and genuinely weird plots. The big films get their Oscars (and the Razzies when they fail), but nobody celebrates the Mockbuster. Then again, there might be a reason for that.

This one got the Asylum sued. I can’t imagine why anybody would want to sue over a title like “Age Of The Hobbits”.

If Lincoln can hunt vampires, why not zombies? I’m a little worried this might actually be better than the original, simply because that wouldn’t be that hard.

How can you not love a movie featuring Tiffany, Debbie Gibson and a Gatoroid? The Asylum’s made a whole bunch of “Big Reptile Vs Big Fish” style movies, but this one really stands out… although not always in a good way.

Kevin Nash is ODIN? This fact alone is making my head Thor.

Making a mockbuster of a series that was already stupidly cheap to make? Sure, why not?

It’s not all big action flicks at the Asylum, it seems. Something tells me I’d probably prefer this to actual High School Musical. Then again, I might prefer being hit in the head with a cricket bat to either viewing option.

Looks totally legit.

Iron Sky? They ripped off IRON SKY?

Tip: If your train ticket indicates that the trip includes “1000 HUGE ANGRY VENOMOUS SNAKES”, don’t get on that train, OK?

Mmm. Transmorphers. Who communicate via 56k modem, if I’m hearing this trailer right.