T3 Player: A Dieter Rams-Inspired Music Player

T3 Player: A Dieter Rams-Inspired Music Player

Apps get boring. Especially default apps. So here’s T3, a totally different music player for iOS.

What does it do?

Plays music from your iTunes library in a simple, beautifully designed interface reminiscent of one Dieter Rams.

Why do we like it?

Most new apps seem to do the same things that others already do. So design is very important, because you get sick of so much of the same. T3 is something fresh, although it resembles your classic iPod. It’s very, very easy to use. It has the same buttons for play, pause and so on — the ones you’ve known since you had a Walkman. You intuitively click the plus button to add songs from your library, tap the file button to see your music choices. The app simply plays music, but it’s a nice change from the stock app you always use.

T3 Player

Download this app for: iPhone ($0.99)