Strap A Tiny Toolbox To Your Zipper With Gerber's Daily Carry Accessories

Gerber's long been a name associated with those big multitools you carry in a nylon pouch on your belt. But as the company works to expand its brand, it's started to think on a smaller scale with its new Gerber Daily Carry — or GDC — tools.

Designed to replace the zipper pull on your jacket, or just clip to a keychain, the GDC tools will be initially available in four different versions next month including a bottle opener with LED torch, a stubby retractable knife and two featuring sets of various drivers. They're not designed for any kind of serious construction work or even emergency survival, but for making short work of a FedEx package, or busting open a cold one, they'll probably do just fine. [Gerber via Gear Junkie]

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