Samsung Galaxy S IV Live Blog: All The News As It Happened

The day is finally here! Today we found out all the news about the Galaxy S IV. No more rumours or speculation. Get in here and read how it's all going down in Times Square, New York City.

The event has just wrapped up in NYC. Scroll down to see all the events as they unfolded at Radio City Music Hall, complete with shiny pictures and detailed specs.

[09:00] We're an hour away from the Samsung Unpacked event in New York!

[09:31] Remember, you can watch the announcement live here. Don't forget to refresh this page every few minutes to get all of the updated Galaxy info from Gizmodo!

[09:32] What do you want to see on the new Galaxy S IV?

[09:50] If you don't like the music playing on that weird live feed, we've got our own playlist to groove along to.

[10:01am] The stage is set at the Radio City Music Hall in NYC. I'm half expecting Seth MacFarlane to be hosting this thing!

[10:04am] Samsung is running a bit late, but we're assured it's all kicking off in a few minutes.

[10:08am] Whatever the pleasant orchestral music playing right now is better be a ringtone on the new Galaxy. It's so pleasant.

[10:10am] There are almost 400,000 people watching the Samsung live stream right now!

[10:11am] Oooh. Lights out. We're underway!

[10:12am] We're starting off with a video of that weird kid who is the "courier" at the centre of Samsung's viral campaign. He certainly looks cute in his bow tie. #bowtiesarecool.

[10:13am] JK Shin, president and head of mobile computing for Samsung is up. Getting a bit of a rowdy reception at Radio City.


[10:16am] Looks like JK is giving us a sneak peek at camera features we'll see in the next hour or so.

[10:16am] Smart Scroll and Smart Pause confirmed as features, looks like those rumours were true. More detail soon.

[10:18am] Group Play is also coming, looks like some kind of content sharing feature that "doesn't need a network". Weird.

[10:19am] It's official: meet the Samsung Galaxy S IV! Cue sexy teaser video.

327 operators in 155 countries will carry the Galaxy S IV at the end of April. 3G and 4G/LTE versions will be available globally. Samsung supporting FT/LTE and TD/LTE networks, so Aussie carriers will be happy with new standards there. I imagine that will make updates difficult to new versions of Android...

[10:23] Ryan Biden, head of Samsung Mobile USA is up. Telling us about the 5-inch screen! Full HD SuperAMOLED. 441 pixels per inch in this screen.

Only a Category 3 device, not one of the super-fast Category 4 devices Telstra and Optus will be using later on in the year.

[10:27] Here are all the specs:

• 2GB RAM • 16GB/32GB/64GB of storage will be available, memory expandable up to 64GB • 2600mAh removable battery. • 13-megapixel rear-facing camera, 2-megapixel front-facing • Infrared spot so you can control your TV. That's a win. • Bluetooth 4.0 • New sensors on-board include humidity and infrared sensors.

...and a handy specs sheet from the presentation!

[10:30] We're now getting a weird little theatre presentation of a dance recital to demonstrate the dual-camera function.

Dual-camera technology means you can insert yourself into videos so the person behind the camera doesn't have to miss out on all the memories. Both the rear- and front-facing camera record at the same time and overlay the footage in-phone.

[10:32] That Jeremy kid can really dance. He's ripping out a tap-dance right now. We're now seeing a feature called Drama Shot, which sees the camera take 100 shots in 4 seconds and compile the best ones into one frame. You've also got something called Eraser, which lets you cut people out of the shot if they photobomb.

Interestingly, those are both features on the HTC One...

[10:33] Hovering over an image now lets you get a preview of the content, like on the Galaxy Note II.

[10:34] Cut to a scene with two guys backpacking through Asia.

[10:35] There's an auto-translate feature in the Galaxy S IV called S-Translate. You type a question in English, the phone translates into another language and back again when someone speaks at it in another language. It understands 10 languages (bet Australian isn't one of them), and it understands text to speech and speech to text. French, German, Italian, Latin-American, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese are supported. There's even an optical reader app that lets you translate stuff you look at via the camera.

That's an amazing feature.

[10:37] The screen has a feature called Adapt Display which fixes up the contrast, brightness and saturation on the screen dependent on what you're looking at (games, emails, movies).

[10:38] You can create story albums of all your journeys, except the two people they have up to act it out is a little creepy.

[10:42] We're hearing about S-Voice which pairs with your car as you drive.

[10:45] New S-Voice sounds like GLADoS. That's terrifying.

[10:45] Meanwhile, HTC is doing its best to troll this event from all angles:

[10:46] The S IV will let you use the screen even with gloves on. Hooray! Bring on Winter.

[10:47] Samsung Knox will divide your Galaxy S IV into work and home sections so that it's got enhanced security for the Enterprise. It's the first device Knox will ship on.

[10:51] Group Play lets you use multiple Galaxy S IVs as different speakers in a surround sound array. One phone acts as the left, one as the right, one as the centre. So if you're friends all have S IVs, you can have a killer sound system just by using all your phones together. That's nifty. Cue weird dancing.

[10:52] ChatOn updated to include video calling with three people. That all combines with dual-camera features, so you can have you on the front-facing camera, what you're looking at through the rear-facing overlaid with the people you're calling.

[10:54] Smart Scroll and Smart Pause works exactly as you'd think. Tilt the phone up and down to scroll, and the sensors watch your eyes so it can tell when you look away.

[10:55] This is getting worryingly close to sexist territory.

[10:56] New fitness features are built-into the Galaxy S IV to help you with all your fitness gadgets.

[10:56] The Galaxy S IV will also support smart cover-like technology that sleeps the display when you close the cover. It also has a window in the case that lets you see who is calling without having to open the cover.

[10:57] And now we're wrapping up! That was fast.

[10:58] Love a quick event! We'll have details on who will be selling the Galaxy S IV and when in Australia within the hour. Stay tuned!



    The 'leaked' features seem pretty good so far, will be interested to see what the final specs are. And of course the big question - local availability?

    I just hope they roll out any new 'S' apps + nature UI updates/improvements to the existing Galaxy line-up. Also: please let me customise my dock icons again!

      Yeah - what's up with that ?

      I know for a fact that the international GS3 and Note2's allow you to customise the dock on the default launcher but the AU variants don't - any particular reason why? Or is it just carrier tinkering?

    As someone who has an iPhone 5 in his hand I have to say - this phone looks stunning.

      The S4... just to be clear :P

        So you're looking at an S3 then, oh I mean S4 - they're so hard to tell apart really.

          Yeah for those who are missing half a brain.

      If I was holding an iPhone 5, I'd feel the same way about many many many other phones. Like my Lumia 920.

    "Just like last years phone.... BUT SO MUCH BETTERRERRRRRRRR CUZ WE HYPE IT UP!!!"

      SO MUCH!

        Anyone else yawning? It looks the same as last years galaxy. Someone needs to teach them how to make stuff that looks good. The HTC One looks a million times more sexy I think.

          Well this launch was sure easy to predict. Samsung party unveiling basically nothing new and slapping each other on the back. Wahooooo! S4!

    This is just embarassing. Get a life.

      You realise you're reading Gizmodo not Womens Weekly right?

    Can you really call it lights out as all the press in the audience light up their phones/laptops?

    So over the whole Galaxy line.. not sure why...

      I'm completely over iphones, I think I'm heading that way with Galaxies... I wanna find out what the WP8 is like...

    Feels like an award show.

      Definitely an awkward show.

    Is it just me... or does this feel like a cheap, embarrassing event that just shouldn't be happening? I own an SGS2, I love it, but this... feels wrong? It should be some sort of tech show, not some bastardised Oscars event?

      Oh god... did he just say 'its got a real hip look'...

        It's pretty hipster.

        Last edited 15/03/13 10:28 am

          Oh god now they're playing the family angle... this is groan worthy...

            Now IM having a hard time keeping my lunch down. AND I HAVENT EATEN IT YET.

        It really is a little private Samsung awards show, but the world can see - this is sad.
        JK Shin:Aw yeah guys, get up on stage it's a Samsung circle jerk! I'm embarrassed to own an S4

    :D inbuilt IR. All these fancy new technologies, and it's one of the older ones that I'm excited about.

      HTC announced IR first, and they will have it to market first with the One.

      It's funny isn't it. I've read that IR used to be in much older phones (eg. palm phones). It seems like it should have been there from the start in many of these smartphones given how cheap it is to implement and the ubiquity of televisions that use IR.

    That's it? I'll be jumping ship to iPhone this time around, how very overrated and boring.

    Oh god. This is so o bad.
    Make it stop.
    I love the features and all but this whole fake family thing is terrible.

    This is a pretty lame event... But the phone looks pretty nice! Especially impressed by a decent sized battery finally!

    Who's the fanboys now, ha ha...........

    What an agonising way to intro a phone. Specs sound great, presentation nauseating.....

      The phone looks great, the presentation is obviously put together by an apple spy ;) LOL

        Phone looks an awful lot like an S3, I'm almost positive I already own this phone.

    The only thing I am truly interested in is whether they've fixed the blutooth problems from every single previous model of the Galaxy.. I want to use my phone in hands free mode in my car darnit!

    Will Apple sue Samsung for copying Apple's idea of releasing a new phone that looks exactly the same as the previous model?

    What do you guys think about the Chrome edging?

      had an s3, It looks nice for 5 minutes until it gets scratched away and looks tacky as sh!t! The blue one isn't as noticeable as it's not chrome. Its also hard to replace.. i wouldn't mind if you could just clip off the chrome bezel then put a new $5 one on, but no!

      Now to decide whether to get this, or the new Sony... i like the waterproofing on the sony, if this phone had that i would be sold instantly..

    S Translator, FIRST thing I've seen thats impressed me.

      The infrared transmitter is excellent, completely gets rid of stupid dongles, Bluetooth pairing or network requirements. I was looking at remote control apps a month ago and wondered why they didn't put an IR transmitter in the phone, which is otherwise a perfect remote.

        Yeah, actually the IR bit is pretty spiffy, I guess I've been doing that with apps a little while now so it sort of skipped over my attention lol.

        Getting rid of Bluetooth pairing? wasn't that a feature of NFC? As much as i like the IR capabilities i don't think bringing back an old technology will help Samsung much

          I meant getting rid of bluetooth pairing in trying to connect to things like televisions. It's overkill. As for NFC, how are you going to use that to connect to your television, Bluray player or stereo? IR isn't really old technology, it's still completely ubiquitous in consumer electronics.

      When I saw this I first thought 'eh, who cares, just use a translate web app/app using a web service from google/MS or something'

      Then I thought.. wait, stupid, phone wide/built-in, not just app.

      I really like this feature.

        Same, that's what I thought too, plus it's got the ability to get further languages later...

    the finger to preview feature is wicked. i have a note 2 and its really handy. except i have to use the damn stylus

    Only thing stunning is 8 core and huge battery the design department was caught sleeping throughout.

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