RumourModo: Will The Note 3 Have A Flexible AMOLED Screen?

Samsung's only just announced the Galaxy S4, which means it's time for the rumour mill to point towards Samsung's next phone. The latest suggestion is that the Note 3 will sport a flexible AMOLED display.

It's just a rumour, grain of salt, been talked about for years, try the salmon and all that, but it would at least make a certain amount of sense. A larger screen display gives more surface area to crack if dropped, so flexibility would aid a whole lot in the durability stakes.

South Korea's Asiae is reporting that the next note will feature a 5.9 inch flexible AMOLED display, and that the "unbreakable" nature of the display will be a key selling point when it launches later this year. "Unbreakable" is a dangerous marketing tactic if true, given I'm sure somebody will go all Titanic on one if Samsung goes down that route. As with all things from the rumour mill, we'll have to wait and see. [Briefmobile]

Image: OLED Display

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