Ridley Scott Working With Machinima On New Sci-Fi Short Films

Not Prometheus, thanks, Ridley. Would that be OK? Apparently it would, as he's announced he's working on a dozen original sci-fi shorts.

The Next Web reports that Machinima and Scott will team up to produce a dozen short flicks through Scott's production company, RSA, with directors chosen from within the group. That's not just Scott, who will act as exective producer, but also such luminaries as Kathryn Bigelow (Zero Dark Thirty, Hurt Locker), Martin Scorsese (Goodfellas, The Departed), Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Skyfall), and Neill Blomkamp (District 9).

When Ridley Scott is good, he's great. When he's not — a la Prometheus — the results can be mixed at best. I'm interested to see what comes out of this arrangement, which may have little of his magic beyond an executive producer credit — but as it's only just been announced, we may have some time to wait to see the first flick.

Ridley Scott teams up with top YouTube channel Machinima to produce 12 original sci-fi short films [The Next Web]

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