Paint Plus Power Drill Shows Just How Beautiful Centripetal Force Can Be

Take a power drill, add some paint, and you get "Black Hole", artist Fabian Oefner's new series of photos, which shows paint responding to centripetal force.

To create the trippy photos, Oefner hooked up a metal rod to the end of a drill, popped some paint to the end and pressed power. The project is best explained by the artist himself:

The motion of the paint happens in a blink of an eye, the images you see are taken only millisecond after the drill was turned on. To capture the moment, where the paint forms that distinctive shape, I connected a sensor to the drill, which sends an impulse to the flashes. These specialised units are capable of creating flashes as short as a 1/40000 of a second, freezing the motion of the paint.

The images make the paint look like multicoloured spaghetti. If you're as enchanted by this series as much as we are, you can simply contact Oefner directly to order a print. It's pretty amazing what some people can do with regular old tools like a drill.

[Fabian Oefner via HiConsumption]

Picture: Fabian Oefner

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