One Little Tweak Makes A Vastly Improved Soap Dispenser

There hasn't been much innovation in the soap dispenser world since self-pumping sensor-activated models entered the picture. But those can easily break and/or run out of batteries rendering their hands-free advantages moot. That's why the simple design improvements of Joseph Joseph's new C-Pump are so brilliant.

The C-shaped dispenser is still manually operated, but it lets you use the back of your hand, which is presumably not the side that needs cleaning, to help minimise the spread of germs. After all, how often do you really clean the pump dispenser that you touched before washing your hands? The answer is probably never. So, if for $US27 you don't pass along that cold to someone else, the C-Pump design is more than worth its weight in liquid soap. [Joseph Joseph via Notcot]

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