One Building Looks Like Three Stacked On Each Other

If you came across this building, you'd think you'd stumbled into Toon Town. The outlandish structure looks like a couple of buildings stacked on top of each other.

The lower levels of the nine-storey complex resembles a Swiss Chalet, the middle, a colourful child's block toy, and the penthouse looks like a restored farm house. Located in Middlesborough, England, it's the first building completed for a development near the city's old docks called Community in a Cube.

Planned back in 2004, it was supposed to include a building shaped like a toaster and an apartment complex that looks like a tower of Jenga blocks, but the crash of the economy stalled everything for a while. Until this crazy thing was finished. And though it's the first in the subdivision, this exciting, unique piece of architecture is so awesome, we hope it isn't the last.


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