NVIDIA Reveals Tegra’s Future

NVIDIA Reveals Tegra’s Future

Tegra 4 still on track for this year, but by next year it’s going to be dwarfed by the next generation, and shortly after that by what Nvidia’s calling a 100-fold improvement in power.

Tegra 4 (or “Wayne”, if you like codenames) will be succeeded by “Logan” (presumably Tegra 5, although it’s the sixth generation of Tegra chips) later this year, but next year they’ll be replaced by the fully 64-bit capable “Parker” GPU, which also incorporates Nvidia’s next-generation Maxwell GPU.

Nvidia’s not thinking small, either, with claims by Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang that within five years they’ll bust Moore’s Law wide open.

“In five years time, we’ll increase Tegra by 100 times. Moore’s Law would suggest an eight-fold increase.”

Huang also showed off “Kayla” — described as “Logan’s Girlfriend” — a low-power ARM computer built around the Tegra 3 core the size of a tablet PC, capable of real-time ray tracing.

Live: Jen-Hsun Huang at GTC 2013 [Nvidia via Slashgear]