Lost Action Camera Finds Its Way Home Thanks To Aussie Redditors

Action cameras sure are cool, but what happens when the worst happens and it falls from its mount into a canyon/river/ocean/firey pit? Presumably, the camera would survive, but you've just lost all the video from your adventure. That is, until Reddit gets involved.

After a stroll on Bells Beach in Victoria, near the Great Ocean Road, Redditor flexnerwinterstein stumbled upon a Magicam action camera.

Keen to get the camera back to its owners, the Aussie Redditor did what he did best and uploaded a few stills to r/australia to kick off the hunt.

After just 12 hours, the identity of the two guys in the stills was revealed by Maurice_Del_Taco69:

Hey mate this is eli lade…and jack laidler…i owe you beers

The guys got in touch with the original poster of the photos and the camera is being returned, intact and unharmed, to its original owners this week.

The internet is an awesome place. [r/australia]

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